Don your mouse ears and pop some popcorn, because Decorating Disney is back, this time with ‘Halloween Magic.'

By Sydney Price
October 16, 2018
Image courtesy of Disney ABC Press.

On Sunday, Freeform's 'Decorating Disney: Halloween Magic' special showed us how the parks and cruises transform into a spooky, pumpkin-filled extravaganza overnight. The program aired as part of Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween. Last year’s ‘Holiday Magic’ special took us through the towering trees and glittering snow-capped buildings of Disney as a winter wonderland, but this year we got an insider look at the parks’ spookier side.

Host Cierra Ramirez of the upcoming series Good Trouble takes you behind the scenes to watch all the flickering lights, Disney villains, and plenty of Mickey pumpkins come to life overnight in the parks. With the help of ladders, forklifts, and hundreds of busy hands, the installation begins the minute the last guest of the day walks out the door. On the Disney cruise ships, the crew only has a matter of hours to prepare before expectant passengers set sail for Halloween on the High Seas. But really, the planning for all this seasonal magic began months in advance.

The famous Mickey pumpkin on Main Street in Disneyland is given a fresh coat of paint every year so he’s selfie-ready. The Haunted Mansion’s centerpiece gingerbread house is a brand-new design handmade piece by piece by dozens of Disney bakers. And the dancers in the annual Halloween parades must be carefully choreographed down to every last baton twirl. See it all for yourself in the parks or rewatch the episode here.


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