These are the least popular Christmas candies in America. The results totally surprised us!

By Emily VanSchmus
December 20, 2018
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With Christmas just around the corner, we’re already anticipating opening our stockings and stuffing our faces with all the Christmas candy and cookies we can get our hands on. The good Christmas candy, that is. The National Retail Federation predicts Americans will spend an estimated $2 billion on Christmas candy this year, so The Candy Store polled thousands of customers and put together a list of what NOT to add to your stockings this year.

This is the definitive ranking of this year’s very worst Christmas candy—and we have to say some of the results surprised us!

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11. Peppermint Candy Canes

The Candy Store reported they had only planned to do a top 10 list, but when they saw plain ol’ candy canes were number 11, they decided to give them the title of Honorable Mention. With so many candy canes used for decorating and embellishments, maybe it’s no surprise people are making candy cane wreaths instead of eating this iconic candy.

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10. Old-Fashioned Hard Candy Mix

This is one of those candies your grandma always has out in a bowl that no one really eats. There are probably a few family members who will pick at it, but this definitely isn’t one of our favorites.

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9. Ribbon Candy

While ribbon candy is absolutely gorgeous and is actually pretty tasty (it comes in so many flavors!), it’s SO hard to eat. We never know what to do with all those loops. Do you bite right into one end? Try to break off a tiny piece of each individual loop? We’ll be using our ribbon candy for decorative purposes only this year with this adorable ribbon candy Christmas ornament.

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8. Non-Peppermint Candy Canes

As someone who prefers the fruity canes to classic peppermint, this came as a shock. The Candy Store reported that the variety of non-mint flavors is what landed this candy on the naughty list. People might like the fruit ones, but flavors like gravy (yes, you read that right) ruin it for everyone.

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7. White Peppermint M&Ms

There are so many new flavors of M&Ms on the market right now, but apparently this is not a flavor you should run right out and buy, survey respondents say. The minty flavor is reportedly not great, and neither is the texture. If you’re looking for a sweet winter candy treat, we recommend the new Hot Cocoa M&Ms instead.

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6. LifeSavers Story Books

Most people don’t associate LifeSavers with Christmas candies—except when they come packaged in a Christmas story book, apparently. LifeSavers don’t come in holiday flavors, and packaging them with Christmas wrap doesn’t necessarily make them something we want to find in our stockings.

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5. Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cordials

The Candy Store published specific customer complaints for each candy, and the main reason people don’t love these chocolate-covered cherry treats is the pink liquid that surrounds the cherry filling. We’re not exactly sure what it is, but as long as you eat the candy in one bite you won’t notice it too much while eating it.

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4. Peppermint Bark

The Candy Store reports that peppermint bark was the most controversial candy on the list, since it also was one of the most popular candies for them this year. It seems the main complaint of this candy is that it’s way overexposed, meaning that by the end of the season, people are tired of bark and ready for something new. If you're not loving classic peppermint bark this holiday, try our candy cane bark or head to your closest Cheesecake Factory to get your hands on their limited-time Peppermint Bark Cheesecake everyone is raving about.

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3. Peeps

While Peeps are most popular around Easter time, there is no shortage of overly-food-dyed Christmas trees, reindeer, gingerbread, and snowmen. They even make Peeps Gingerbread house kits! You can find the traditional chick-shaped peeps sporting Santa hats for the occasion, too. According to the company’s results, it’s not the colors or the shapes consumers dislike; it’s the unnatural holiday flavors. Peppermint bark and cinnamon roll-flavored peeps were not a hit with this crowd. If you'd rather not eat the marshmallow treats, see how they're made instead.

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2. Reindeer Corn

The debate about candy corn is always heated around Halloween, but we never knew people felt so strongly about the red and green version. Reindeer corn is essentially the classic candy corn recipe with different food dye added, so we’re not too surprised this sugary treat landed the title of second-most-hated Christmas candy in America.

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1. Christmas Tree Nougat

This candy elicited the strongest reactions from consumers, some of which included “hard and stale,” “so, so gross,” and even “unholy.” We have to admit, we don’t disagree with the comments about the texture being off and the mint flavor not living up to expectations. Santa, feel free to skip our stockings when doling out this Christmas candy into all the stockings.

Comments (2)

December 21, 2018
My late grandmother had many of these candies at Christmastime. While they were never my favorites, they will always remind me of her love and comfort.
December 21, 2018
Well, taste is a selective thing. Since I like so many of the ones you pooh-poohed,"Bah,Humbug", you grinches!