This Winter Will Be Warmer Than Usual, According to Weather Forecasters

But some parts of the country will see colder temperatures and plenty of snow.

Summer is still in full swing, and with all of the challenges presented in 2020, the majority of us probably want warm weather and longer days to stay. However, we all know that fall will be here soon, and winter shortly follows. In 2019, we experienced frigid temperatures and lots of snow, but this year will be quite a bit different, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac ($9, Amazon). Most of the country will experience warmer-than-normal temperatures and lots of precipitation. However, some parts will experience a winter wonderland with a significant amount of snowfall. Here's what you need to know about this winter's predicted weather.

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No, the temperatures won't be as high as they are right now, but it's going to be a "light winter," according to the Almanac. However, there are a few regions that will see "uncommonly" cold days. Those in the Desert Southwest region, eastern Hawaii, the Intermountain region, Maine, and the Pacific Southwest region, will want to make sure they have a warm coat and a cozy blanket on hand.

It's also going to be wet but not necessarily snowy. Much of the United States is going to see rain with average or below-average amounts of snowfall. Residents in the southern Appalachians, Delaware, Georgia, Gulf of Mexico, Florida, North Carolina, the Ohio Valley, the Pacific region, and western Hawaii won't see much precipitation at all.

However, a few regions might be able to build a snowman this year. For anyone in the high plans, the Northeast, northern Alaska, Wisconsin, and upper Michigan, you'll actually experience a higher than usual amount of snow.

Depending on how you feel about winter weather, you might be thrilled or bummed about the forecast. However, there is still plenty of summer and the rest of fall to enjoy before the season is here.

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