Apparently it's going to "feel like the never-ending winter."

By Jennifer Aldrich
August 28, 2019
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As you're soaking up the final few weeks of summer, and gearing up for an unusually warm autumn, winter weather is probably the last thing on your mind. (It's still swimsuit season, after all!) However, both the Farmers' Almanac and The Old Farmer's Almanac have released their forecasts for the upcoming winter, and one thing's for certain: You’ll definitely want to savor the warmer weather while it lasts because this winter is predicted to be brutal. 

So, just how cold is it going to be?

In just about every region in the United States, it's going to be cold—actually, it's going to be frigid, according to the Farmers' Almanac. (Farmers' Almanac, $6.29, Amazon). The site notes that the Northern Plains, the Great Lakes area, and the Northeast will all see "colder-than-normal temperatures" for most of the season. However, the publication notes that those living in the Western third of the country will luckily experience normal temperatures.

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The Old Farmer's Almanac echoes that prediction and adds the "frigid and frosty conditions will last well into spring." (The Old Farmer's Almanac, $7.79, Amazon). Editor Janice Stillman says it might even "feel like the never-ending winter."

Image courtesy of the Farmers' Almanac.

And how much snow is expected?

Now, some people dream of a winter wonderland—and others dread it—but if you're in the former group, you’ll be thrilled to know that this winter will be Frosty’s favorite. 

The Old Farmer's Almanac warns of "strong storms bringing a steady roofbeat of heavy rain and sleet, not to mention piles of snow," and predicts a whopping seven major snowstorms, specifically from Washington state into Michigan. For those living in the Midwest and on the East Coast, you will be treated to "more wet than white" weather, and the folks in the deep South "will be saturated by soakers."

The Farmers' Almanac concurs and notes that most of the country, including the Midwest, the Great Lakes, and the Great Plains, get the gift of "above-normal winter precipitation," though the Southwest and the Pacific Northwest will notice normal precipitation amounts. Unfortunately, the site concludes that the mix of colder temperatures and higher precipitation levels "forewarns of not only a good amount of snow, but also a wintry mix of rain [and] sleet."

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As we all know, weather predictions certainly aren't always accurate, so we'll just have to wait and see what this winter brings—though each almanac does boast about an 80 percent accuracy rate. If you're curious about how these forecasts are determined, well, we're sorry to say we don't have an exact answer. Both The Old Farmer's Almanac and the Farmers' Almanac are basically sworn to secrecy on their exact forecasting formulas. 

Although all this news is a bit abysmal, don't let a little winter weather get you down. The snowy season just gives you one more reason to book that beach vacation you've been dreaming out.



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