The kit comes with cookies and colorful icings to build your own creation.

By Jennifer Aldrich
October 04, 2019

Instead of spending a small fortune on a Thanksgiving centerpiece that you're just going to end up throwing out in a few days, we found an option that is not only super affordable, but it can also double as dessert. It makes for a fun craft you can make before November 28, or even something to create on Thanksgiving Day for an activity the whole family can enjoy. It isn't time consuming or complicated, and it can be completed in mere minutes. (Because we understand you have an enormous meal to worry about on Thanksgiving, too.) To go along with all the other fixings, Wilton recently released a cookie turkey you can decorate and assemble to take center stage at your holiday feast.

The Build It Yourself Turkey Centerpiece Vanilla Cookie Decorating Kit is available on two sites only. You can either order at for $13.59, or buy it online at for $10.50. Although it's not available in Michaels' stores, you can opt to purchase it on the website and pick it up in-store.

Each kit comes complete with vanilla-flavored cookie panels, icing, and decorating supplies, as well as a handy presentation board. The cookies are cut out in the shapes of leaves, and can be decorated in whatever way you desire. We love the idea of using different decorating tips to add texture and create the look of "feathers" on the bird. The presentation board features a traditional design of multi-colored leaves and reads "Happy Thanksgiving" along the border, which makes this cookie creation an easy DIY centerpiece.

Credit: Courtesy of Wilton

If you're concerned about your construction abilities, don't worry. Wilton also provides step-by-step directions on how to expertly put all the pieces together. Although we think this would be a fun activity for adults, Wilton notes that "it’s a great project to keep the kids busy during the holidays!"

The turkey cookie centerpiece is a new product for Wilton, but it's not the only DIY cookie creation the company offers. The baking business also sells a spooktacular selection of Halloween cookie houses, which are like gingerbread houses but for the spooky season.

Although the cookie turkey probably won't replace your pumpkin pie, it will definitely make a darling addition to your tablescape.


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