Pizza candy canes are just the start—how many of these would you try?

By Andrea Beck
September 06, 2019
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We’re used to red and white stripes and the classic peppermint flavor when it comes to candy canes, but there are plenty of other flavors out there. Some of them sound delicious—like Oreo candy canes—but others are a little more unique.

Many of these “deluxe” candy canes are made and sold by Archie McPhee, a retailer that prides itself on selling weird products. They’ve got an entire section of their website devoted to "bad candy," featuring hits like bacon gumballs, fried chicken candy, and of course, Pizza Candy Canes (more on those in a minute). Compared to some of these kooky candy cane flavors, peppermint seems downright plain.

Pizza Candy Canes

People love pizza, it’s true, and who knows, these pizza candy canes might surprise us since they're savory, not sweet. If you've got a pizza superfan on your Christmas list, toss a few of these unexpected candy canes in their stocking.

Buy It: Pizza Candy Canes, $6.00, Archie McPhee

Mac & Cheese Candy Canes

Real mac and cheese is already delicious and the ultimate comfort food, so we're naturally a little skeptical of the candy cane version. Still, their cheesy flavoring could be a fun treat for someone who prefers savory treats over sweets around the holidays.

Buy It: Mac & Cheese Candy Canes, $6.50, Archie McPhee

Pickle Candy Canes

If you’re a fan of pickles, finding a pickle candy cane in your stocking might appeal to you. We suppose you could use one of these pickle sticks to stir a Bloody Mary instead of the usual candy cane in hot chocolate pairing, but even then, it’s hard to imagine a candy cane that doesn’t have a least of touch of sweetness. Their green and white stripes look festive though, so you've got another reason to try a briny, dill-flavored candy cane.

Buy It: Pickle Candy Canes, $6.50, Archie McPhee

Bacon Candy Canes

It’s time to find out if bacon really does make everything better. Sometimes the combo of salty and sweet can be perfect for snack time, and we do love candied bacon. Plus, the red and white stripes are the classic holiday hues!

Buy It: Bacon Candy Canes, $6.50, Archie McPhee

Soda Candy Canes

These candy canes might even beat out peppermint. If you love A&W Root Beer, Orange Crush, or Dr. Pepper, chances are you’ll love these. Several reviewers on Amazon agree that this flavor combo a welcome change from traditional peppermint, one saying, "Who orders regular candy canes anymore?" If they've got your favorite soda, these off-beat candy canes will make a yummy stocking stuffer or colorful Christmas tree ornament.

Buy It: American Soda Candy Canes, $12.08, Amazon

If you want to change up your holiday treats, bringing a few of these flavors along will definitely get your friends and family talking. Right now, we’re just happy to load up on the dozens of new pumpkin products hitting grocery stores every day while looking forward to the return of classic holiday candy.



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