Our favorite summer activity just got so much easier. Relax by the pool (or in it!) knowing your book is safe. 

By Emily VanSchmus
July 16, 2019

Nothing compares to relaxing by the water with a pool-worthy book, but it can be hard to get completely invested in the plot line when you’re constantly worried about dropping your book. Luckily, a company called Bibliobath is selling books that look and feel like paper but are actually made from a synthetic material that repels water. That’s right, waterproof books finally exist—and you definitely need one for your next beach day. 

Husband and wife duo Wing Weng and Jasper Jansen have been working to design the books since 2015 when they launched a Kickstarter campaign. In their pitch, they explained that relaxing with a good book and taking a hot bath are their preferred ways to unwind, and they wanted to create a stress-free way of combining the two. The Kickstarter raised more than $11,700 from 262 backers, and now Bibliobath is a fully operational company that ships to more than 200 countries around the world. 

A blue book on the beach, with water coming up over the book
Image courtesy of Bibliobath.

Since Bibliobath is based in Amsterdam, prices are listed in Euros. Once you convert to U.S. dollars, the books cost between $21 and $34. Considering that a new paper book will usually set you back $20 or so, the waterproof versions are relatively affordable. International shipping isn’t too expensive either; you’ll pay about $7 extra dollars to have your pool-friendly book sent to the U.S. 

There are currently four waterproof books available, and they’re all classics. Choose from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Selected Short Stories by Mark Twain, The Art of War by Sun Zi, or W.B. Yeats’ Cloths of Heaven & Other Poems. And while you won’t be able to order waterproof versions of this summer’s best new books, you can catch up on the classic stories you’ve always wanted to read. So go ahead and lounge by the pool, float down the lazy river, or take a dip in a bubble bath—all while reading classic literature.


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