Messy kids and pets, meet your match. See how one company's two-part rug system is shaking up the industry.

By Hannah Bruneman
February 19, 2019

Life is messy and rugs get spilled on all the time—and cleaning an area rug is no easy task. That’s why the company Ruggable makes machine-washable rugs that are essentially life-proof.

Woman lifting up red washable rug with dog
Image courtesy of Ruggable

Their rugs come with two parts: a 1/8-inch-thick non-slip rug pad and a rug cover, which sticks on top of the pad. When your dog trots mud across your living room, simply peel the rug cover off the pad and toss it in your washing machine. It even dries in one dryer cycle, too!

“Even if the stains and dirt aren’t obvious, rugs can also trap all kinds of pollutants and grime,” says Alex Hart, creatives manager at Ruggable. “It’s a huge comfort to know that you can just throw your rug in the wash at the end of the week and keep your home clean.”

The rugs are currently available in four sizes, including a 2-1/2x7-foot runner, so you can find the right rug size for your room. Be on the lookout for more sizes to be released this year. Ruggable carries a variety of styles as well, including Moroccan, traditional, and Persian rugs.

“The Cambria Ruby [pictured above] has been a bestseller from the very beginning,” says Alex. “Its beautiful color and classic but updated feel means it works in just about every decor style.”

The rugs don’t feel as thick and plush underfoot as traditional woven rugs. The top layer is made from woven polyester chenille, which is great for removing red wine but not for creating a soft cushion under your feet. Its thin design can also cause the edges and corners to stick up slightly. However, Ruggable is currently developing plusher pads and covers. They even have a shag rug option in the works!

Ruggable's washable rugs are especially suited for high-traffic areas like kitchens, mudrooms, and entryways. You won’t have to flinch when sauce splatters on the floor or when you track mud inside on a rainy day.

After trying and washing a runner, we found that Ruggable rugs really perform as advertised. The color on our Cambria Ruby rug didn’t fade and a coffee stain came right out. The company recommends machine washing your rug on cold with a non-bleach detergent. Follow that up with a tumble dry on low.

The rug covers and pads range from $90 to $250. And if your style is everchanging, you can also buy the covers separately if you decide in the future you want a new design.

In addition to the obvious benefits of a washable rug, Alex pointed out sustainability as an added perk.

“We think having a washable rug is a pretty environmentally-friendly choice too," says Alex. "Reusable goods are the new trend, and why shouldn’t home goods be washable as well as durable?”

A win for the environment and our homes? Count us in.


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