Walmart Just Released Chocolate Easter Egg Shell Smashers

Smash a chocolate egg to reveal Snickers, M&M's or TWIX inside! The newest Easter candy phenomenon is only available at Walmart.

Three of our favorite classic candies have teamed up with Walmart to bring us the ultimate Easter candy experience: Smashable chocolate Easter eggs filled with Snickers, M&M’s or TWIX. Each variety includes a hollow chocolate Easter egg you can smash to reveal a handful of fun-size candies.

Three packages of chocolate egg smashers from Walmart
Image courtesy of Walmart.

Whether you choose the Snickers, M&M’s or TWIX variety, you’ll receive a hollow milk chocolate egg that weighs in at just under 5 ounces. For the record, the chocolate shell of the M&M’s egg contains slightly more chocolate than the other two, but the M&M’s Shell Smasher only comes with 3 fun-size packages, compared to the 4 included with the Snickers and TWIX versions.

The Shell Smashers are only available at Walmart, so you’ll have to head to the superstore (or order online) to get your hands on this year’s hottest Easter basket filler. Each egg comes packaged in a cardboard box (to avoid accidental smashing before Easter) and they’re all only $5.

Chocolate Easter egg filled with packages of M&M's
Image courtesy of Walmart.

Buy it: M&M’s Shell Smasher, $5

Buy it: TWIX Shell Smasher, $5

Buy it: Snickers Shell Smasher, $5

Whether you buy these eggs to fill Easter baskets or use them for an Easter egg hunt prize, there’s something so satisfying about cracking the hard chocolate shell to reveal even more treats inside. We won't tell if you grab a couple extra for a pre-holiday snack, because we'll be munching on these from now through Easter dinner.

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