Amazon Shoppers Say This $35 Indoor Grow Light Is a 'Lifesaver' for Plants During Winter

It has over 7,000 five-star ratings, with one buyer calling it a "lifesaver."

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Winter has its fair share of natural phenomena to enjoy, like all-encompassing snowfalls, gleaming icicles, and gorgeous sunsets. But when it comes to your plants, frigid temperatures can put a damper on your growing garden, forcing you to bring plants inside. And without the same sunlight, they just won't grow. Whether you're trying to salvage your outdoor plants or attempt a new indoor gardening hobby, this $35 indoor grow light will bring sunshine into your home (and make your plants all the more lively).

Amazon shoppers have nothing but great things to say about the Vogek LED Plant Grow Light, which has racked up 7,337 five-star ratings to date. Reviewers claim it resurrected their plants in the dead of winter.

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Buy It: Vogek LED Plant Grow Light, ($35, Amazon)

"Living in an apartment in New York where our winters are twice as long as summer makes it hard for my succulents to get adequate light," says one. "This lamp has not only helped revive the color but has also caused my string of pearls to start growing more rapidly than I've ever seen it before."

The LED grow light acts like the sun, emitting full-spectrum light for three, six, or 12 hours, depending on your plant's needs. The three-headed gooseneck design enhances the light's functionality by allowing you to warm several different plants at once, which is a customer-favorite feature. It measures 14 x 6 x 3 inches and weighs less than 2.5 pounds.

And because plants are like children (they all have different needs and personalities), you can customize each head to your plant's desired light intake with 10 different brightness levels. That means your low-light indoor plants can grow alongside your sun-loving outdoor flowers.

"I love this plant light," says another Amazon reviewer. "Our house faces the wrong direction, so it is hard to give plants a substantial amount of sunlight. I had one petunia flower bloom from a salvaged plant that wasn't doing great. And after daily extended light, the plant is not only doing amazing and flowing over the edge of the pot, but it has 11 active flowers blooming." That happy shopper also received similar flourishing results with a withering fern that nearly died last winter and a succulent that was losing leaves, causing them to claim the Vogek Plant Grow Light as a "lifesaver for my plant babies!"

Other reviewers who used the LED light to speed up the growth process for little seedlings say it exceeded their expectations. One shopper who titled their review "Made everything grow so lush!" says they saw results in just a few days. "In less than a week, all of the Morning Glory seeds had sprouted, and within a few weeks, they were ready to be planted outside. Now they are very lush and blooming," they write.

If winter woes are disrupting your garden's livelihood, this $35 LED grow light will help your plants blossom and thrive. Shop it on Amazon before it gets any colder.

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