You might remember them from your childhood—those big wicker chairs with the curvy frame. Peacock chairs are once again appearing in homes across America. Learn tips for buying vintage peacock chairs, plus how to style them with today's decor.

By Hannah Bruneman
June 12, 2019
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Few pieces of furniture have a shape as unique or iconic as the peacock chair. The wicker seating—imported from the Philippines in the early 20th century—boasts a tall, rounded back and a small circular seat supported by woven rods. The intricate woven designs can vary greatly, but one thing is certain: After peak popularity in the 1960s and '70s, the vintage furniture piece is making a strong comeback. Throughout recent decades, activists, celebrities, and musicians have used them for self-portraits and as a political symbol. In fact, the film Black Panther even modeled the Wakanda throne off the iconic chair, a nod to 1960s activists.

With curvy furniture on the rise, it's no surprise that the peacock chair is surging in popularity. A quick Instagram search for #peacockchair reveals more than 44,000 photos with the furniture piece. The chairs were even featured on the June cover of Better Homes and Gardens, seen in the dreamy outdoor room below. Not only can you find vintage peacock chairs with towering circular backs, but there are also smaller versions with a more modest structure. There are even peacock chairs small enough to fit on your shelf! Read on to learn how to style the popular peacock chair in your home.

Decorating with Peacock Chairs

An all-seasons porch is an ideal spot for these vintage seats. The rattan is right at home in a covered outdoor setting, plus the chair adds interesting texture to utilitarian outdoor furniture sets. Pair it with festive string lights, a weatherproof rug, and maybe a pouf or two.

Indoors, a grand peacock chair will be the star of the room. “We often see them used in conjunction with midcentury pieces,” says Courtney Kennedy, owner of Midwest vintage store CK Design Co. “The texture of wicker in close proximity to the clean lines and wood finishes on many midcentury pieces make for a perfect mix in style.” A peacock chair would look right at home in a boho living room, too, with plenty of macramé accents and wicker plant stands.

Speaking of plant stands, miniature peacock chairs make excellent homes for your potted houseplants. Peacock-chair plant stands are typically 16 inches tall, making a cozy home for cacti. The tiny chairs are an adorable way to decorate with the trend on a much smaller scale.

Buying Vintage Peacock Chairs

Expect to dedicate a fair portion of your monthly home decorating budget to buying a vintage peacock chair. At some stores, you might score a traditional chair for $100-$200, but other places (especially coastal locations) might charge four to six times as much, according to Kennedy. Peacock plant stands are available for around $20 on Etsy.

Before you buy a peacock chair, make sure it's functional. “Make sure to look for signs of large breakage in the seat or woven rods that connect the seat to the base of the chair,” says Kennedy. “If you don’t see either of these, you can surely plan to lounge in it comfortably whenever you so choose.”

As expected, big-name brands quickly hopped on the peacock chair trend, too. Target’s boho home décor line, Opalhouse, has a rattan option for $200 and a fan back chair for $161.49 that feature contemporary spins on the traditional design. Cost Plus World Market has a black wicker peacock chair for $160 in stock for those looking for a colorway outside the natural material.

Whether you put forth the effort of finding a vintage peacock chair or pick up a new one at the store today, don’t forget to snap a picture of your decor for Instagram. These vintage beauties might not always be trending, but their classic shape will always be in style.



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