Make the most of your gardening footprint with SkyPots, a new kit that makes it easy to create a floor-to-ceiling plant wall.

By Andrea Beck
October 18, 2019

We are forever running out of space to display our newest plant babies, so we're really excited about a new product called SkyPots that makes it easy to create a stylish vertical garden. It's the brainchild of Ryan Benoit, one of the co-founders of the popular garden blog, The Horticult. He originally came up with the idea as a DIY project, which we featured in our April 2016 issue. This project shows how to connect separate potted plants together on a metal rod that can be hung up. People loved the concept but began asking for a ready-to-go kit version that they could buy. Benoit set to work, and now, Skypots could soon be available for purchase, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that runs from now until November 17.

Courtesy of SkyPots

“I first came up with the idea when searching for an easy way to hang and stack everyday clay pots on my patio,” Benoit says. “Macramé seemed to be the only option that somewhat achieved this look, but the strings aren’t great for the outdoors and the plants can easily get tangled when taking the pots in and out to water and maintain.”

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Benoit originally used one long rod to run through multiple pots, each secured with screws, washers, nuts, and bolts along the way. He built a wooden frame to hold several rods to showcase an entire wall of plants. “For my blog, we published a DIY project showing this method,” Benoit says. But it was a challenging project to make, he explains, and the end result could be heavy and awkward to work with.

After a long process of trial and error, SkyPots were born with a much simpler design. Rather than a single long rod, each pot has its own shorter rod with a loop at the top for hanging it from a hook in the ceiling. Or it can be joined to another plant's SkyPots rod. The rod is secured to a pot with a wing nut, eye nut, and two flanges (large circular disks). Unlike the early designs, you can twist together a hanging column of plants in mere minutes—no tools required. And in contrast to Benoit's initial prototype, a few SkyPots are a lot easier to string together and slip into a narrow space than a 6-foot-long steel rod mounted with multiple potted plants.

Benoit is planning to release kits with two or three sets of SkyPots that will let you create a hanging column of plants. And, reminiscent of his first creation, you could easily bring to life an entire living wall by hanging a few columns side-by-side. In other words, you can use these kits to double, triple, or completely maximize your plant hanging space.

You may be wondering what happens when a SkyPots display gets watered. The kit is designed to allow water to flow out one pot's drainage hole and down the rod into the plant below. If you’ve got your vertical garden hanging outside, you can just let the excess water from the last plant in your chain flow out onto the ground. For indoor watering, Benoit recommends moving your plants over the sink or setting them on top of a sturdy bowl or mug (but stay tuned—he's also got a water catch in the works to contain those extra drips at the bottom).

Courtesy of SkyPots

SkyPots appear to be the perfect solution to maximizing your vertical gardening space. And we're all for an easy-to-assemble kit that lets us pack in more plants while displaying them in a show-stopping way. For now, the kits are available through the Kickstarter campaign. During the campaign, you can order both double and triple kits at a discount by pledging to contribute to the campaign (a double pack retails for $32.99, while the triple pack is $44.99). Orders placed during the campaign should start to ship out in early December if the pledge goal is met, just in time for holiday gift-giving.



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