The heart-shaped collection is back, and our favorite picks are pretty affordable.

By Andrea Beck
Updated July 10, 2020
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Le Creuset knows the way to our hearts, and it’s not with fancy chocolates or flowers. Following the fall release of their pumpkin-themed cookware line, the company just made our cooking dreams come true by bringing back their Valentine's Day line. This collection first launched in 2019, and we're happy to see the heart-shape cocottes (Dutch ovens), heart-shape fondue pot, and heart trivet that we loved so much last year are back in stock (and some are on sale!).

If you have a valentine that would love anything Le Creuset, or if you just want to celebrate with a cute heart-shape treat, all of their Valentine's Day products are available to order now on Le Creuset’s website. While you may have thought the quality products from Le Creuset are out of your price range, one of our favorites retails for just $10.

Courtesy of Le Creuset

Red Dutch Oven

For true Le Creuset lovers, their new Heart Cocotte is the way to go. This strong, durable Dutch oven is made with enameled cast iron, and it’s built to last for many more holidays to come. It comes in three beautiful colors: A bright red cerise, blush pink rose, and classic white. It’s also on sale right now. The red one-quart cocotte is marked down from $160 to just $100, so you can score some extra savings if you finish up your Valentine’s Day shopping early.

Courtesy of Le Creuset

Heart-Shaped Bakeware

Like its larger sibling, this mini version of the Heart Cocotte also comes in cerise, hibiscus, and white. the 8-ounce dish has scalloped handles on the sides just like the larger version, making it great for serving up heart-shaped baked goods. And while it may be small, this petite cocotte is just as mighty as the full-size version. The white cocotte is $30, but the cerise and hibiscus colors are marked down to $24 right now.

Courtesy of Le Creuset

Fondue Set for Two

Chocolate (or cheese) was probably already included in your Valentine’s Day plans anyway, and this beautiful 10-ounce fondue pot will make it even more romantic. The mini heart cocotte is the perfect size for two, so you can spend a relaxing, delicious night in. As a bonus, the stoneware is microwave-safe, so you can pop it in to melt your chocolate or cheese even faster.

Courtesy of Le Creuset

Heart-Shaped Trivet

This hibiscus Heart Trivet has multiple uses, so it’s definitely worth adding to your cart. It's almost 8 inches in diameter and can handle hot dishes (up to 482°F!) to protect your table and counters from fresh-out-of-the-oven cocottes, and even help you grip tough-to-open jars. It’s also only $10, making it a great gift for a low-key Valentine’s Day celebration, or for anyone who appreciates handy kitchen tools that don’t take up much space.

Whether you're making a romantic dinner for two or whipping up a batch of tasty desserts for your gal pals, these heart-shaped bakeware items are one of our favorite ways to celebrate Valentine's Day.


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