We’ll take these instead of a box of chocolates, please.

By Andrea Beck
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Oreo is known for experimenting with delicious flavors like dark chocolate and carrot cake (and sometimes wilder ones like buttered popcorn), so it’s no wonder they came out with a cookie especially for Valentine’s Day. New Love, Oreos are on sale now, and they’re much cuter than your average cookie.

Image courtesy of Target

Buy It: Oreo Love Cookies, $2.99

Each Oreo has hearts printed on the cookie, along with an adorable, Valentine-themed message like “Dunk in Love,” “XOXO Oreo,” and “Dear Cupid, Send Oreo.” Plus, the back of the packaging has a few Valentine stickers on the back to help you show off your love for Oreos.

Filled with pink crème, the new Love, Oreos are supposed to have a “sweet and tangy” flavor, but Oreo fans who have tried them so far are divided on exactly what that flavor is. Several Instagram users have reported that the cookies taste like the Mystery Oreos from years past, while others have compared them to raspberry Pez, Fruity Pebbles, or a mix of cherry and berry.

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If you want to decide for yourself, Love, Oreos are on sale now at Target for $2.99. We’d recommend adding them to your grocery list now, though—these limited edition cookies aren’t likely to be around much past February 14.

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February 13, 2019
I would love to try all the flavors of Oreos, but don't want such a big bag. It would be great if you introduced them in a pkg of 6 also. Thank you for making such a great product.