Add immediate joy to your feed with these puppies, memes, and heartwarming stories.

By Lindsay Tigar
March 24, 2020

Remember, taking a break from the 24/7 news cycle is helpful for your mental health. Being informed is important, of course, but it’s also necessary to find peace, encouragement, and have a laugh. Since most people are exercising social distancing best practices to align with the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one way to lift your spirits is something you probably look at every day: Instagram. These celebrities, meme accounts, and influencers are keeping us all giggling, optimistic, and most importantly, providing a much-needed outlet to release stress. 

1. Jennifer Garner

From her comedic performances to her quirky personality, it’s hard not to love Jennifer Garner. This award-winning actress and mom teamed up with fellow star Amy Adams to create #SaveWithStories. Each daily Instagram session features famous celebrities reading—and acting out!—children’s books. For moms who need a break, join the movement along with 8.8 million others.

2. GoldenRetrievers

As the name suggests this account features literally one thing: adorable, fluffy, funny, and wonderful Golden Retriever photos. There’s not a lot of context or much in terms of captions, but hey, who needs it? As the ideal way to disconnect from the news and the stress, these cute photos will have you wagging your tail, alongside 1.9 million other followers. Just look at that face!

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3. MyTherapistSays

If sarcasm is your second language, you will laugh-snorting your way through these pun-filled posts. This 4.9-million-strong Instagram account is the genius creation of a team of four women, and they share endless, hilarious memes. Be prepared to nod right along with them, and yep, send 'em to your friends, too.

4. Chunk_the_groundhog

This Instagram is the tale of a gardener named Jeff and the groundhog who found an oasis in his backyard. After discovering big bites taken out of his backyard veggies, Jeff set up motion detection-cameras. A groundhog, who Jeff now calls Chunk, would walk right up, stare at the camera, and continue to eat his veggies. Rather than getting rid of Chunk, Jeff now leaves him treats and posts the footage for people to enjoy from afar. 

5. Kristin Bell

Whether you loved her in Veronica Mars, The Good Place, or one of her movies, this award-winning actress is using her fame to promote goodness. In addition to sharing the ways she’s helping the community via healthy social distancing practices and donating diapers to those in need, she also is sharing funny, engaging content to keep others optimistic. We love her humor—and thoughtfulness. Join 13.3 million other followers as she posts many positive updates on COVID-19 per day.

6. Upworthy

This website has been in the business of uplifting stories for years, and now they’re doubling their efforts in the wake of a pandemic. As their slogan puts it, their main purpose is to "deliver the best of humanity." Here, you’ll see all of the ways COVID-19 is encouraging others to help one another, fighting climate change, and perhaps, teaching us all to slow down. 

7. Tank's Good News

Tank Sinatra is known for being an Instagram influencer focused on encouraging goodness in the world. He does that through the uber-popular "Influencers in the Wild," which shows 'grammars doing nearly anything for the best photo. However, his other appropriately-named account, Tank’s Good News, is better for rocky times like these. From people donating to servers about to lose their job to medical professionals doing jigs, you’ll instantly feel better by spending some time scrolling through his posts.

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8. Morgan Harper Nichols

What we all need right now is to take one collective deep breath—and let it go. That’s why we love following writer and artist, Morgan Harper Nichols. This southern California-based influencer puts what we’re feeling into words and then illustrates them. For a sigh of relief, her account hits the spot.

9. TheEllenShow

Like most of us, beloved comedian and talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres is keeping herself busy. She suspended the production of her show to keep the staff and audience members safe. Of course, in true Ellen spirit, she’s using the time to call up celebs like John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, Adam Levine, and Justin Timberlake, to pass the time. Along with 85.4 million other followers, you’ll find yourself laughing right away.

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10. Humans of New York

Infamous storyteller Brandon Stanton has been touching the hearts of 10 million followers for years through captivating posts and poignant photos. Now, he’s switched gears and is accepting photos from anyone to share about their experience in isolation. You’ll find plenty of positivity and gut-wrenching tales from people all around the globe. But if one thing is for sure, it definitely makes the world feel a little smaller and more connected. 



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