Fast-Track Your Dinner Plans with New Instant Pot Meal Kits

It truly takes the prep out of meal prep.

Making meals in our electric multicookers is one of our favorite ways to ensure less time spent cooking. To help us enjoy a quick chicken dinner (minus the prep time) Tyson and Instant Pot teamed up to create three complete meal kits. They're already showing up at select grocery stores across the country and will be fully available nationwide this spring for approximately $9.99 per package.

Three flavors of Tyson Instant Pot Kits on a white background
Courtesy of Tyson

Tyson's new Instant Pot meal kit options include:

  • Hatch Green Chile Chicken and Rice Casserole
  • Cajun Style Chicken and Rice
  • Teriyaki Chicken and Rice

Each quick chicken meal includes all-natural, antibiotic-free chicken thighs and serves 3-4 people (we'll let you figure out how that divides among your family) with 19-21 grams of protein per serving. Whether we'll see more than these three options is to be determined, but we think these flavors are a good place to start.

The cooking process is simple. All you have to do is place the chicken in the bottom of the pot followed by the rice, one cup of water, and the sauce packet (in that order). The instructions literally say "DO NOT STIR," so lock the lid in place and leave it to cook at high pressure for 20 minutes. Pretty easy, huh? There are also instructions on the package for how to cook these meals in the oven if you haven't purchased an Instant Pot yet.

"We know lack of time is one of the biggest reasons people go to a restaurant or order out, which was the inspiration behind creating our fully-prepped meal kits," says Steve Silzer, marketing director for the Tyson Brand, in a press release.

Tyson's website lists locations you can find its products, but since the Instant Pot kits just launched this week, you might not see a place near you listed yet. Browse your local grocery store's meat department next time you pick up groceries just to be sure.

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