Whether you're in search of the ultimate funny couples costume or flying solo this year, we've got you covered with the most popular Halloween costume trends of 2018. 

By Emily VanSchmus
October 08, 2018

We’ve rounded up the top costume trends from Pinterest and Etsy to help you choose your Halloween costume this year. We’ll show you how to turn your favorite everyday items into the ultimate Halloween costume (hello, La Croix). Pinterest’s 2018 Pinfrights Report announced rising search numbers for hot trends like llamas and avocado toast—and we’ll show you how to turn them all into incredible Halloween costumes. Make a DIY costume or purchase a handcrafted disguise. Either way, you’ll have the most Instagram-worthy costume in the neighborhood.

Group Costume Idea: Avocado Toast

Image courtesy of hello, Wonderful

This avocado toast costume from hello, Wonderful is seriously squad goals! Pinterest's Halloween trends report notes that searches for avocado toast have risen by 245 percent, which means you and your squad will be totally on trend in this costume. Make it for your friend group or turn it into a couples costume. Cut breakfast food shapes out of cardboard or foam board and use crafts paint to make them look like an avocado, a piece of toast, or other breakfast food item. Attach elastic straps and wear the costume over your shoulders so your hands will be free to collect Halloween candy.



Easy Kids' Costume: Friendly Llama

Image courtesy of Etsy

We're loving this adorable Halloween costume for kids. Llamas have been everywhere this year, so it's no surprise they made Pinterest's list of hot Halloween trends. Turn your little one into a fuzzy llama (or dress up a whole herd!) with this adorable llama costume available on Etsy. Try making a DIY llama costume by pairing a simple faux fur vest with a fuzzy hat. Use hot glue to add felt ears to the top of the hat and your llama is ready to graze on some Halloween candy.

Instagram-Worthy Costume Idea: La Croix

Image courtesy of Brit + Co

Dress like your favorite flavor of sparkling water with these DIY La Croix costumes from Brit + Co. Make this into a group costume, or make a fun couple's costume by dressing in matching flavors! Plus, these homemade costumes are actually so easy to make. You can make your own lemon or lime-flavored costume with a pop-up laundry hamper wrapped in colored felt. Use extra felt to create shoulder straps and layer the costume over anything you please for a DIY Halloween costume that's comfortable in all weather.

DIY Kids' Costume: Magical Unicorn

Unicorns are the magical creature we all wish we had—and now, you can dress like one for Halloween. This costume is bewitchingly cute and it's so easy to make, you'll think it's magic! Use our simple tutorial to learn how to make your own white cardboard box into a magical creature.

Adorable Baby Costume: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Image courtesy of Brit + Co

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's biographical movie is out this year, which means you can count on seeing plenty of RBG costumes this Halloween—like this adorable baby-size Ruth Bader Ginsburg costume from Brit + Co. Channel the Supreme Court Justice for yourself in this simple DIY Halloween costume. For babies or small children, make the costume by cutting a lace doily to create the robe's collar. For adults, look for lace fabric and attach it to a plain black robe, like an old graduation gown. Add a pair of glasses and a law book, and your DIY costume is ready for court!

Group Character Costume: Game of Thrones

Image courtesy of Brit + Co

This DIY Game of Thrones costume from Brit + Co is one of our favorite group costume ideas for Halloween. Gather your gang and have everyone dress in dark clothing—complete with belts and boots, of course. To make your own fur cloaks, sew faux fur around simple cloaks.

Girl Power Costume: Wonder Woman

Image courtesy of Etsy

This year's costume trends are all about the girl power! Your little one can be Wonder Woman for a day with this adorable Wonder Woman dress, available on Etsy. To make one yourself, pair blue tulle with a star-spangled fabric to make a layered skirt. Add a red shirt with gold trim, and don't forget the gold headband and bangles!

Astrology-Inspired Costumes

Image courtesy of Etsy

Pinterest reports that astrology-theme costumes and celestial makeup are hot trends this year, and we're totally here for it. Dress like your astrological sign, or don a more abstract costume—like this gorgeous constellation-inspired skirt from Etsy. We're all about choosing costume pieces you can wear again.

Costumes Inspired by TV: Handmaid's Tale

Image courtesy of Etsy

You can expect to see several June and Serena costumes this year, based on the popularity of The Handmaid's Tale. Grab this Handmaid's Tale-inspired costume from Etsy, or make your own. All you need is a red dress, cape and white bonnet. This trending look is an easy DIY costume—praise be.

Costumes for Teens (and Adults): Fortnite

Greg Doherty/Getty Images
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 12: Brite Bomber attend the Epic Games Hosts Fortnite Party Royale on June 12, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

We're obsessed with the Brite Bomber costumes that have been popping up as the video game Fortnite gains popularity. Get the look of this fan-favorite avatar by pairing a neon pink wig with aviator sunglasses and a blue bodysuit (or matching pant and shirt set). Use crafts paint to add a rainbow to the shirt, and you're ready to enter the battle royale!


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