The mix features slightly salted popcorn covered in a candy shell.

By Jennifer Aldrich
October 08, 2019

Any Trader Joe's fanatic can attest to the tasty snacks and sweets the super market offers—especially during the fall. (Hello, pumpkin flavored everything!) Recently, the grocery store brought back a seasonal product that originally debuted in 2018: Candy Corn Popcorn. Yes, TJ's really took the most polarizing Halloween candy, combined it with popcorn, and made a sweet-and-salty snack. Of course, after seeing this item on social media, we at had to try out a bag ourselves. Many of us on the team have differing (often very strong) feelings about candy corn, so we were ready for an opinion filled taste test.

But before we get into the tasting trial, let's take a look at what Trader Joe's had to say about its product. According to the description, the grocery chain calls the popcorn "a sweet, crunchy, deliciously nostalgic tribute to candy corn." The mix starts with slightly salty popcorn that's then covered in a candy shell made with a combination of vanilla and caramel flavors. The result? A "delightfully chewy texture of caramel corn with the uncannily accurate flavor of candy corn."

Courtesy of Trader Joe's

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Well, it certainly sounds intriguing. Finally, we tore open a bag, which retails for $1.99, and tried it for ourselves. Upon first look, the popped kernels are a blend of oranges, yellows, and whites—which happen to be colored with natural ingredients—to emulate the tri-colored candy. After taking a whiff of the multi-colored morsels, it's easy to understand why sugar is listed as the first ingredient on the package: They give off a super sweet aroma.

So, what about the flavor? Well, depending on how you feel about candy corn, you'll either be thrilled or disappointed by this item. Our team agreed it didn't taste much like the candy, but rather classic caramel corn. (Which certainly isn't a bad thing.) Although the kernels are supposedly salted, all we really tasted was the sweetness.

However, the beauty about this bag is that candy corn lovers and haters can come together and enjoy it together. If you happen to give it a try yourself and miss that salty satisfaction, we recommend mixing it with a handful of peanuts for a perfectly balanced seasonal snack.



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