The Top Snacks for the Super Bowl, According to Instacart

The biggest game of the year wouldn't be the same without our chicken wings, dips, and popcorn.

After an already unconventional few months of socially-distant tailgating and few to no fans in the stands, football season is coming to a historic end. With the Super Bowl fast approaching (it's on February 7 this year) it's time to plan the best part of the day: the snack feast! Sure, the gatherings may be smaller (or solo, in my case), but that doesn't mean the celebrations can't be delicious. It looks like America agrees since statistics predict we'll eat a record 1.42 billion wings and 12.5 million pizzas while watching the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers battle it out on the field.

Ahead of the big game, Instacart trends expert Laurentia Romaniuk predicted the top-scoring snacks according to data from last year's game-day spreads. Traditional snacks like wings and popcorn obviously made the list, but Romaniuk says Instacart's also "seeing a stronger desire for incorporating big, bold flavors—like vinegar and dill pickle—into the mix." So even if it's just you and your significant other at your gathering this year, here are some of the top snacks (and maybe a few new ideas) to plan on adding to your spread as you watch the game.

Chicken Wings Five Ways
Jason Donnelly

Spice Up Your Wing Sauce

Chicken wings are practically a necessity for any game-day celebration. Once you have your basic wings, what kind of sauce will you choose? Here's where the wing sauces land in order of popularity:

  1. Buffalo sauce (+133%)
  2. Chipotle sauce (+50%)
  3. Blue cheese dressing (+47%)
  4. BBQ sauce (+32%)
  5. Ranch dressing (+22%)

Go Bold with Your Chips and Dips

It wouldn't be a Super Bowl viewing without chips and popcorn to munch on. When raiding the snack aisle, it looks like shoppers are looking beyond the traditional salted potato chip flavors and going for tangier options such as dill pickle or BBQ.

  1. Vinegar potato chips
  2. BBQ potato chips
  3. Dill pickle potato chips
  4. Cool Ranch tortilla chips
  5. Nacho Cheese tortilla chips
Spinach-Parmesan Dip
Andy Lyons

And since chips can't go without a delicious dip, these are the trending dips to serve this year.

  1. Spinach dip (+35%)
  2. Hummus (+32%)
  3. Guacamole (+31%)
  4. Salsa (+28%)
  5. Tzatziki (+27%)

In addition to chips, Instacart reveals you'll also be opting for flavored popcorn (kettle corn, white cheddar, and cheddar cheese). For the more unconventional route, it looks like healthier snack options such as banana chips are also raking in the likes.

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
Andy Lyons

Game-Winning Finger Foods

Poppable snacks such as mozzarella sticks or french fries seem like obvious choices. But Instacart is also seeing a rise in frozen finger foods such as potstickers ($8, Target) and corn dogs, too! Here's how they rank:

  1. Potstickers
  2. Sweet potato fries
  3. Mozzarella Sticks
  4. Tater tots
  5. Corn dogs

To make sure you get all the items on your watch party shopping list, Romaniuk recommends shopping on Tuesday or Wednesday morning before Sunday's Big Game. If you can, she says to plan on ordering the items the night before you want your groceries delivered so you can select the earliest delivery slot the next morning. Save some room for homemade appetizers, too. These football-shaped foods are sure to score big on game day.

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