Grab your spoons, because Nestlé Toll House just gave the OK to eat raw cookie dough! If you haven’t seen them already, you’ll soon be able to find cartons of the brand’s edible cookie dough (that's actually safe!).

By Andrea Beck
June 28, 2019

Our dessert dreams are coming true. We’ve already been able to try a few new decadent desserts this year, including pints of ice cream with a cookie dough core and more new Oreo flavors than we can count. But sometimes, instead of cookie dough ice cream or a fully-baked cookie, we just want to sink our spoons into a bowl of pure cookie dough. Usually, the dangers of eating raw flour and eggs are enough to stay our wandering spoons, but now, one of America’s most popular chocolate chip cookie brands is giving us a safe-to-eat option at stores nationwide.

Image courtesy of Nestlé Toll House.

Yes, Nestlé Toll House themselves, famous for their chocolate chips (with a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe printed on the back) and ready-to-bake cookie dough is launching new not-quite-pints of edible cookie dough. Unlike their ready-to-bake varieties, this new product will be completely safe to eat raw—even though we’ll admit to occasionally risking it before.

Image courtesy of Nestlé Toll House.

Naturally, you’ll be able to find a chocolate chip cookie dough flavor on shelves nationwide soon, but you’ll have another delectable option, too. For those craving something with chocolate and peanut butter, Toll House will also have a Peanut Butter Monster option. The chocolate chip option looks exactly like soft cookie dough you’d stir up in your kitchen, and the monster flavor adds peanut butter, oats, and chocolate candies to the mix.

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Unlike other raw cookie dough recipes, which can have eggs and flour (both of which are unsafe to eat raw), both flavors of Toll House's edible cookie dough are made without eggs and use flour that's been heat-treated to kill any harmful bacteria. That means they're not gluten-free, but they are safe to eat out of the carton without baking.

If your mouth is already watering, you’re in luck—both 15-ounce flavors are available now at Publix. The rest of the country doesn’t have long to wait, either, as both flavors will be hitting shelves at Meijer, Walmarts in the Southeast U.S., and a few other regional grocery store chains nationwide throughout July 2019. One container of cookie dough will have an average price of $4.97, which, if you ask us, is well-worth the convenience of being able to enjoy a taste of cookie dough right away without having to mix together your own dough first.

But while you wait for Toll House’s safe-to-eat version to come to your local store, you can still satisfy your cookie dough cravings with a homemade edible cookie dough recipe, or even cookie dough truffles. Of course, fully-baked chocolate chip cookies will always have their place in our cookie jar, too.



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