It's the cookie-coffee dessert mash-up we never knew we needed.

By Katlyn Moncada
January 02, 2020
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Your favorite chocolate creme-filled snack is taking a trip to Italy—or, at least it'll taste like it. Oreo announced they will sell limited-edition cookies in a double layer of creme featuring a Tiramisu flavor, as the latest addition to their ever-growing list of unique flavors. The new flavor is expected to land on shelves this April, and we'll have our glasses of milk (or maybe mugs of coffee) ready.

Tiramisu is a traditional Italian dessert layered with sponge cake (ladyfingers) that are soaked in coffee, flavored liqueur, and a sweet mascarpone cheese filling before dusted with cocoa powder. There's nothing like digging into a tiramisu made from scratch, but we're looking forward to experiencing the Italian treat in a convenient cookie form.

Credit: Courtesy of Nabisco

Oreo loves surprising us with innovative flavors of the classic cookie. The cookie shelf at the grocery store stocked with permanent flavors like the Birthday Cake Oreo and seasonal favorites like wintery peppermint bark. They even had us guessing a mystery-flavored creme last year that—after much debate amongst our editors—turned out to be churro, the popular Mexican dessert made from delicious fried cinnamon-sugar dough.

Whether or not the tiramisu's two layers will hold as much creme as the double-stuffed ones, we'll have to wait to taste and see. The new flavor will be available for a limited time only, while supplies last, so be sure to keep an eye on your local store's cookie shelves in April to grab a package while they are still in stock.


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