No, You Shouldn't Try That Popular Toaster Quesadilla Hack from TikTok

There are so many other, more delicious ways to make a quesadilla, and this fire hazard just isn't worth the risk.

Quesadillas make a quick, tasty meal loved by kids and adults alike. Requiring just two basic ingredients, a tortilla and cheese, this classic Mexican dish makes a simple work-from-home lunch or easy weeknight dinner. Apart from the cheesy goodness inside, the speedy cooking time is a major draw, and recently, a video has been circulating around TikTok that demonstrates how to use a toaster for an even faster quesadilla.

However, I'm here to warn you that this is a very bad idea. You shouldn't make a quesadilla in a toaster for several reasons, the first one being the risk of causing a fire. In the TikTok video, the user folds up slices of cheese into a flour tortilla and pops it into the toaster, reversing the fold halfway through, to create what he calls a "quesadilla pocket." That sounds great, except for the possibility of melty cheese oozing out between the folds and burning on the bottom of the toaster.

Patricia Schweitzer

We do not recommend toasting anything in a toaster that could drip and potentially cause a fire.

— Patricia Schweitzer

According to Patricia Schweitzer, director of the Hamilton Beach Test Kitchen, that's why toasters are only intended for bread and bread-like items such as bagels, English muffins, and toaster waffles. "We do not recommend toasting anything in a toaster that could drip and potentially cause a fire," Schweitzer says. That includes bread that has been spread with butter or jelly, fried foods, frozen prepared foods, and, yes, cheese-filled tortillas. "Foods like quesadillas are better prepared in a contact grill, panini maker, or toaster oven," she says.

cheese quesadila on round plate with small bowl of pico de gallo and another small dish of sour cream
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Which brings me to my second point: There so many alternative ways to make a quesadilla that are just as simple and way more delicious. Fry the cheesy tortilla in a skillet or on a griddle, crisp one up in an air fryer, or press the quesadilla in a panini maker or waffle iron. If you're feeding a large family, you can even broil them in the oven to make several quesadillas at once.

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And if you're truly desperate for instant quesadilla gratification, sprinkle some shredded cheese inside a folded tortilla and pop it in the microwave for about a minute. This won't achieve the crispy results of other cooking methods, but at least you won't start your house fire in the process.

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