Joe Cuba wanted 100 cards for his 100th birthday—and he got over 35,000! 

By Emily VanSchmus
March 08, 2019

Joe Cuba, a World War II veteran from Wichita Falls, Texas, wanted to receive 100 cards for his 100th birthday. He had his picture taken holding a bright yellow sign explaining his wish and giving his mailing address, and his senior living facility posted the photo on their Facebook page. Since they posted the photo a few weeks ago, Joe has received a bit more than he bargained for—more than 35,000 birthday cards have been delivered to the senior living facility over the last three weeks.

Joe Cuba posing in front of stacks of mail
Image courtesy of Brookdale Midwestern
| Credit: Courtesy of Brookdale Midwestern

Joe has received cards, cakes, hats, shirts, flags and other gifts from all over the world. Brookdale Midwestern, where Joe lives, has been posting regular updates on their Facebook page with photos of Joe posing with his deliveries. As of March 2, they reported Joe had received 35,000 cards and postcards, and about 150 gifts.

Of course, Brookdale Midwestern threw Joe a birthday bash too. Hundreds of community members, along with Joe’s 3 sisters and 2 brothers, showed up to help him celebrate.

Along with the thousands of cards, gifts, and deliveries, Joe also received a few personal visits that made his big day even sweeter. Texas senator Pat Fallon visited Joe, bringing gifts and a birthday card signed by all 31 Texas senators. The mayor even stopped by to declare that March 2 would now officially be known as Joe Cuba Day in Wichita Falls.

Although his birthday has passed, Brookdale Midwestern reports that the card and gifts are still pouring in and has thanked the public for giving Joe the ultimate birthday celebration.


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