This Unique Tape is the Next Big Thing for Plastic Building Blocks

Nimuno Loops lets your kid's creativity climb up the wall.
Team Nimuno VIA Indiegogo

Not much has changed for plastic building blocks over the years. The classic childhood toy has stood the test of time and technology. But a new innovation is turning these blocks on their heads. Literally!

Toy Block Tape from Nimuno Loops is a movable, flexible, adhesive tape made to fit well-loved plastic building block brands like LEGO Blocks, Mega Blocks, and Kreo. With Nimuno Loops, kids can let their imaginations soar as they build cities and scenes that climb up walls, around corners, and on windows. 

Toy enthusiasts, take note: The product isn't in stores yet but is available for preorder on Indiegogo. The makers set an original goal to raise $8,000, which would cover manufacturing, packaging, and shipping costs. Since their start, Team Nimuno has raised an impressive $934,140. 

The brains behind this product praise its compatibility with almost any surface. The tape is shown on the beach, bike handlebars, shoes, and refrigerator doors.  

Our heads are spinning with ideas of what we can make from this buildable adhesive. Interested buyers can preorder a variety of packages, including two tape rolls for $11, 60 tape rolls for $250, or a $2,000 distributor package that's already sold out. Orders are expected to arrive in July.

We're definitely keeping our eyes peeled for this fun product to hit store shelves! 


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