This Startup is Changing the Way We do Home Renovations

See how Block is shaking up the home industry and using connections to streamline the renovation process.

In a world that’s so connected to technology, it’s amazing that remodeling your bathroom requires the same amount of work that it did 20 years ago. Two young entrepreneurs want to change that with their company Block.

modern bathroom
Image courtesy of Block Renovation.

Instead of designing, sourcing, buying, and hiring contractors all by yourself, Block wants to do it all for you. “It's such a harrowing experience today for homeowners—you're spending so much money, with such high stakes—and yet there are uncertain timelines, unreliable costs, and unpredictable outcomes,” said Koda Wang, co-founder of Block.

Their business is simple: You chose one of three available bathroom remodel packages that range in style and cost. Then, send photos of your existing space, or invite one of their experts over for an in-person or video consultation. From there, experienced designers will get to work on planning and ordering your design package. Finally, a contractor who has been fully vetted and approved by Block will come to your house and complete the installations.

All that, and their average project takes less than four weeks to build. They’ll even schedule a deep cleaning service when everything is done.

block remodeling
Image courtesy of Block Renovation.

Koda’s experience comes from Rent the Runway and HuffPost, where he was driven to solve complex problems—similar to those homeowners are faced with as they approach a remodel. Luke Sherwin, co-founder of Block, has consumer experience from also being a co-founder of Casper.

Their modern approach to remodeling is already proving to set the bar for future home renovations. They currently operate in New York City and Northern Jersey, but hope to expand around the country. Block intends to roll out kitchen and painting packages to their customers in the future as well.

before and after bathroom
Image courtesy of Block Renovation.

Speaking of modern, that’s the look you can expect to see if you order a Block package. “Our clients gravitate towards cleaner, uncluttered looks that make small bathrooms feel larger,” said Luke. “We see a lot of cooler toned, larger format natural stone on the floor like honed Carrera.” The before and after shot above is a great example of what their transformative services can do.

Renovation costs vary from customer to customer. The lowest renovation they have done came to just $15k, but they have also completed jobs at more than double that cost. What you pay is all-inclusive, meaning the design, labor, materials, fixtures, insurance, and more is all worked into the final price. They can accommodate many bathroom shapes and sizes that range from half baths to master baths.

“The renovation is such a clumsy yet important experience—having been done the same way for over a century—homeowners deserve a fundamentally modern approach," said Koda. We agree completely.

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