This chair is going to change the way you spend time outdoors.

By Emily VanSchmus
Updated March 14, 2019

If you have heated car seats, you probably know the feeling of arriving at your destination and sitting in the parking lot to soak up an extra few degrees of heat before venturing into the cold air. That reluctance to get out of the car gets even more real if you’re heading to a chilly outdoor event—but the good news is, Amazon now sells a heated folding chair that allows you to take the heat with you wherever you go. Pair this chair with one of Amazon's heated car blankets and you'll be set for winter. 

Image courtesy of Chaheati.

The Chaheati Heated Chair looks like a typical black folding chair, but it has heating properties built into the seat and back. The battery-powered chair is equipped with a temperature control remote that allows you to alternate between low, medium, and high heat. When it's fully charged, the chair can run on the low heat setting for up to seven hours. It also has two cup holders and a storage pocket that makes an excellent snack holder—just be sure not to store goodies that will melt easily.

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The chair runs on a rechargeable battery, so you can charge the chair before you leave the house, or even give it an extra power boost from a car charger after a long day of tailgating or camping. It’s even equipped with a USB port to charge your phone or tablet while on the go. Seriously, what can’t this chair do?

Buy It: Chaheati Heated Chair, $89.99

While a folding chair is definitely preferable to standing or sitting on the cold ground, the heat technology in this particular product could actually help your back, too. The Chaheati chair utilizes the same infrared technology used by therapists to penetrate muscles and soothe back pain, which means you could experience back pain relief while watching the kids’ soccer game on a frigid day. 

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Image courtesy of Amazon.

Chaheati also makes a heated chair pad you can attach to a folding chair you already own, but if you’re shopping on Amazon it’s only about $6 more to get the whole chair. But if you have a favorite chair or you’re traveling to a sports arena with built-in seats, the compact heating pad will add an extra layer of cushion and warmth.

Buy It: Chaheati Heated Seat Add-On, $83.94

We’re wondering how we survived without heated folding chairs before now. Thanks to Chaheati, winter tailgates will always be accompanied by a warm rear, and chilly weather camping excursions just became a whole lot more appealing. Never again will cold weather keep us from spending outdoor time with our friends and family.


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