If you've always struggled while painting your nails with your non-dominant hand, this tool will be a manicure life-saver.


Trying to save some money and do an at-home manicure sounds like a great idea, and it is, until you realize it's next to impossible to paint your nails with your non-dominant hand; one hand always ends up looking immaculate while the other is, well, less than ideal.

One company has answered the prayers of polish enthusiasts everywhere by developing a tool that makes DIY manicures even easier. The company, Olive & June, created The Poppy, a rubber tool that fits right over the top of any polish bottle cap and is designed to give you more control as you paint your nails.

nail polish tool to help paint nails
Image courtesy of Olive & June.

“Women currently struggle with painting their nails at home because the polish bottle is designed for professionals to paint with their dominant hand,” Sarah Gibson Tuttle, CEO & Founder of Olive & June says. “We created The Poppy to make it easier to paint your own nails at home and do it really well. The shape helps you get a comfy, natural grip with either hand so you can control the brush better and paint even, steady strokes.”

Olive & June came up with the idea for The Poppy after polling women around the country to find out why they don’t use their own polish at home. The women's number one complaint? How hard it is to paint with their non-dominant hand. “The Poppy was a light bulb moment! We needed the right tool to make it easy for women everywhere to paint their own nails,” Gibson Tuttle says. “While it takes about seven to eight times to get really comfortable painting with a traditional polish bottle handle, with The Poppy you feel comfortable on your first try.”

tool you add to a nail polish bottle to help paint nails
Image courtesy of Olive and June.

The Poppy sells for just $16—that means one simple (and fairly cheap) purchase, and you’ll be painting your nails with ease time and time again. In the long run, that’s a huge savings if you’re someone paying to get a manicure every couple of weeks. The Poppy is easily wipeable for cleaning and can store alongside your favorite polishes.

You can buy The Poppy at olivejune.com for yourself or anyone you know looking to finally achieve the perfect at-home manicure.


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