Decorate this year’s jack-o'-lanterns without the mess! Target’s line of pumpkin “push ins” will seriously transform the way you decorate for Halloween. 

By Emily VanSchmus
August 19, 2019

Halloween is still a couple months away, but we’re already pre-ordering the essentials. Call us crazy, but products like these ceramic Halloween trees are already sold out, so now’s the time to stock up on all things ghost- and pumpkin-related—and Target’s new decorating kits are about to change the way you carve pumpkins.

We all know the heartbreak of carving an intricate design only to have the pumpkin rot a few days later, and these new Disney push-in kits are one way to make your pumpkins last longer. The concept is fairly simple: Each kit comes with shapes and accessories attached to a small poking device. To create your design, all you have to do is push the pieces into the surface of a real or faux pumpkin. It’s that simple! No flimsy carving knives and no sticky pumpkin guts. And the best part? Each kit is only $10, and the pieces can be reused year after year. 

These are our favorite Disney designs from the collection. The pre-orders are currently sold out, but you can place an order online starting August 22, or look for them in stores this week. 

Image courtesy of Target.

Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage Kit

This set comes with eight sparkly pieces to help you build a pumpkin carriage the Fairy Godmother would be proud of. The kit includes sparkly wheels, glittering embellishments, and a metallic gold window that will give you a view of Cinderella herself. Paint the pumpkin blue before adding the pieces or just use a pretty white pumpkin to cut down on the mess. 

Buy It: Cinderella Pumpkin Decorating Kit, $10, Target 

Image courtesy of Target.

Toy Story Pumpkin Kit

Take your pumpkin-carving skills to infinity and beyond with this five-piece set inspired by Disney’s Toy Story. In addition to the five push-in pieces, the kit comes with just the right shade of yellow paint and a sponge to help you apply. 

Buy It: Toy Story Decorating Kit, $10, Target 

Image courtesy of Target.

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Kit

This isn’t your average Mickey Mouse pumpkin! This five-piece pumpkin kit includes the character’s iconic white gloves and shiny black shoes, and Mickey’s smiling face—decked out with vampire fangs. To make sure he doesn’t get lonely sitting on the front porch, pick up the Minnie Mouse decorating kit too. 

Buy It: Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Decorating Kit, $10, Target 

Image courtesy of Target.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkin Kit

Make your own Sally Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas with this six-piece set. This kit comes with paint, so you can cover your pumpkin with Sally’s signature blue skin tone before adding the rest of her embellishments. 

Buy It: Sally Skellington Pumpkin Decorating Kit, $10, Target 



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