You can chat directly with an expert to find out exactly what's wrong with your plant.

Anyone who grows houseplants has probably encountered at least one plant that was a little tricky to take care of (we're looking at you, maidenhair fern). Maybe the tips of the leaves started turning brown, or it inexplicably wilted, or you've experienced an invasion of unwelcome pests you can't identify. Knowing exactly what changes to make to get your plants healthy again can be challenging to figure out on your own. We are excited that The Sill, an online houseplant shop, is coming to the rescue of puzzled plant parents across the country by launching a service that lets you book virtual consultations with a plant expert.

Collection of houseplants from The Sill near window
Credit: Courtesy of The Sill

The Sill, which also has brick-and-mortar locations in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, provides plenty of plant care information on its website already. Plus it sends easy-to-understand care instructions with any plant you order. Yet sometimes even your best efforts will leave you completely stumped by a houseplant problem, so now you can sign up for a 15- or 30-minute video chat appointment for some one-on-one assistance. According to The Sill, a 15-minute appointment should be enough time to cover three to five of your plants, while a 30-minute appointment allows time to discuss between five and ten different plants.

Each appointment starts with a quick assessment of the environment you’re growing in (like how much light your plants are getting in your home and how near they are to air conditioning vents or heat sources). From there, what info you get from them depends on you. You can ask specific care questions, get tips for repotting, or ask how to get rid of pests that have made your plant their home. You can even have a mystery plant identified for you.

No need to remember every word from your consultation, though. Once it’s over, you’ll get an email from The Sill that includes an overview of what you talked about with the expert, and their recommendations for caring for your plants. That way, you can refer to these tips in the future and apply them to new plants you bring home.

All of this customized houseplant advice is super affordable, too—a 15-minute appointment costs $29, while a 30-minute consult is just $39. Depending on the plant expert’s availability, you can plan your appointment to fit into your schedule. The Sill offers these virtual consultations Monday through Saturday via a video conferencing service, so you will need a computer and internet connection (your smartphone or tablet can work, too!).

Next time you find yourself fretting over a struggling houseplant and wishing you could just ask for some expert advice from the convenience of your home, now you can! Even if you’re not having trouble with your plants, you can use this service to consult with The Sill about which plants would work best for your indoor spaces. Choosing the best plants to add to your collection that will thrive in your home's growing conditions will go a long way toward avoiding any problems in the first place.


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