We've rounded up the most adorable costumed babies on the internet—and they're too cute to handle.

By Emily VanSchmus
October 11, 2018

We’re convinced there is nothing cuter than a baby in a costume. With Halloween approaching, Instagram feeds are filling up with photos of adorable babies—and we are totally here for it. Let these adorable costumed babies provide you with inspiration your own little one’s costume, or just scroll through to see just how cute these tiny humans can be.

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Spaghetti and Meatballs Costume

We're seriously obsessed with how cute this baby costume is! Make one for yourself by dressing up a plain gluing or sewing light yellow yarn to a white hat and onesie. Paint styrofoam balls and use hot glue to attach them to the yarn to finish this adorable spaghetti and meatballs look.

Lions and Babies and Dogs, Oh My!

To turn up the cute factor this Halloween, dress your fur babies and your human baby—we're loving the lion costumes in this picture! To make a costume for your child, use a fabric marker to draw a lion's face on a plain tan onesie, then add a hat decorated with brown fur. If you're making the costumes yourself, use the same fur to create fuzzy details for your pet too.

Girl Power Baby Costume

We're loving the Ruth Bader Ginsburg costumes this year, and this adorable baby costume is no exception! Make it with a small black robe (or make it simple with a cozy black onesie) and costume glasses without frames. Bonus points if you include your favorite RBG quote like the baby in this photo.

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Adorable Gumball Machine Costume

25 cents, please! We can't get enough of this adorable gumball machine costume. Make it by gluing pom-poms to the top of a onesie, and add tulle to create a black skirt. Cut a 25 cent logo from glitter iron on and attach it to the front, or cut out a sign from cardstock. Bonus points if you carry gumballs for any trick-or-treaters who might have a quarter on them!

Mini Popcorn Costume

This year, make a Halloween costume that really pops! We're loving this super creative baby costume. Make one for your baby by gluing felt to a large bag so that it resembles a popcorn bag. Then glue real popcorn to the top of a plain white hat and place your baby comfortably in a bag, This is the perfect costume for babies or children who will spend trick-or-treat night in a stroller or wagon.

Punny Baby Costume

This might be the best baby Halloween costume idea we've seen this year. We love the play on words, and it's so easy to put together! Dress your child in a red onesie and print and cut the logo from a large piece of cardstock.

Pineapple Baby Costume

This adorable pineapple costume is too cute for words! If you're not making a DIY costume this year, you can buy this pineapple costume from Amazon.

Oh Deer

How sweet is this deer print romper? We're loving the matching headband, too! This sweet baby costume idea is so easy and can be easily layered for a chilly evening of trick-or-treating.

Party On, Babies!

What are the odds this baby’s name is Wayne? We’re totally obsessed with this Wayne’s World-inspired costume and it’s actually so easy to make yourself. All you need are two baby pals, two wigs and a hat! Dress the babies in jeans and wigs to recreate the classic look.

Top Gun-Inspired Baby Costume

Dress your baby to match your favorite classic movie with a Top Gun-inspired costume. Make one yourself by sewing patches to a baby onesie, or buy this pilot costume from Amazon. Don't forget to add aviator sunglasses!

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