Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly Halloween movie or a super scary film, we’ve got you covered with our favorite Halloween movies on Netflix—and you can stream them all right now!   

By Emily VanSchmus
Updated August 30, 2019

Whether you’d rather watch Casper or The Shining, Netflix has Halloween flicks for everyone—and all of our favorites are already available for streaming. There are still several weeks until it’s time to choose a costume and hand out candy but we’re already in full-on Halloween mode—and since Pumpkin Spice Lattes were released this week, it seems we’re not alone.

With so many titles already on Netflix, it’s easy to start celebrating early. Get ready for spooky season by hosting a movie night for friends or getting the family together for some pre-Halloween fun. Bonus points if you whip up some tasty Halloween treats to munch on during the movie!

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Choose from a variety of kid-approved flicks for even the smallest of little monsters or pick a not-so-spooky film for the whole family to enjoy. If you’re feeling brave, grab a blanket to hide under and browse Netflix’s selection of truly scary true crime shows and thrillers available on the streaming service.

The 4 Best Halloween Movies for the Family


If you loved reading R.L. Stine’s iconic scary stories as a kid, this is the film for you. The movie features some of the most well-known stories from the books alongside stunning illustrations. 


A small girl discovers a secret world hidden behind a door and she’s captivated by the new family she discovers. But when she finds out they want to keep her there forever, she’ll have to plot her escape. 

‘All Hallows’ Eve’

On Eve's 18th birthday, she’s let in on a family secret—she comes from a long line of witches. But when she is handed her family’s magical amulet, things don’t go according to plan. 

‘Monster Family’

When a family dresses up for Halloween, the last thing they expect is to be turned into actual monsters—but that’s exactly what happens when a witch’s curse goes awry. 

The 4 Best Halloween Movies for Kids

‘DreamWorks Spooky Stories’

If Shrek is a favorite character in your home, this DreamWorks special was made for you. This series of short animated clips features Shrek, the donkey, and a few monster friends causing all kinds of Halloween mayhem. 

‘Room on the Broom’

This story is a sweet one: A not-so-scary witch flies around on her broomstick offering rides to different animals in need. Her grumpy cat isn’t thrilled about how crowded the broomstick gets, but the rest of the animals love it. 

‘Mickey’s House of Villains’

Mickey House of Mouse is endangered when Jafar and his crew of Disney villain cronies decide to turn it into the House of Villains. But like all Mickey-related flick, this one has a happy ending.

‘Spooky Buddies’

When Air Bud’s pups (otherwise known as the Buddies) explore a nearby mansion at Halloween, they suspect it might be haunted by the infamous Halloween Hound. Will the Buddies find the cause of the mysterious happenings?

The 4 Best Scary Movies for Halloween

‘Bird Box’

This movie broke Netflix records when it premiered on the platform last December. It tells the story of Malorie, a single mom trying to save herself and her children in a spine-chilling, post-apocalyptic world. 

‘The Sixth Sense’

In this M. Night Shyamalan classic, a little boy is mysteriously haunted by ghosts—and there’s only one person he’ll open up to. You may need to pull the blanket over your eyes for parts of this one, but it’s worth watching if you like a good thriller. 

‘The Shining’

After Jack Torrance and his family move into an empty hotel, things immediately begin to go wrong. This one is guaranteed to give you a good scare, even if you can’t stick the movie version in the freezer like Joey does in Friends.

‘The Conjuring’

If real-life scary stories are your thing, stream The Conjuring at your next movie night. Inspired by real events, this movie tells the story of a family living in what they come to find out is a haunted farmhouse.



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