Buyers say it "moisturizes well without being greasy."

By Jennifer Aldrich
September 06, 2019
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Because no one has ever walked out of Target with only the items on their original list (guilty as charged), we found another product for you to drop into your shopping cart. The superstore has a hand and body lotion that not only has an almost perfect rating, but it also only costs $1.99. It's called the Unscented Hand and Body Lotion, and yes, a 20-ounce bottle really costs less than $2.

The moisturizer comes from the company's Smartly brand, which launched in October 2018. Target describes Smartly as a line of products that are "effective, stylish and unbelievably affordable," for the "budget-conscious and space-constrained shopper." (Hence the super affordable price point.) Okay, so even though it's cheap, what else is so special about this lotion? First off, this cream is unscented—the packing even reads, "Smells like, well, nothing." It's great for those who don't want to be covered head-to-toe with fragrance. Plus, it won't compete with your perfume. Along with being odorless, as the description notes, it's both phthalate-free and paraben-free. It's also made without "artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives." So if clean beauty products are your thing, you should definitely make some space in your cabinet for this moisturizer.

Buy It: Unscented Hand and Body Lotion, $1.99, Target

Image courtesy of Target.

Now comes the part that could make or break this item: What do shoppers have to say about it? Well, as previously mentioned, the lotion does have a near-flawless five-star rating from 45 reviewers. What seems to be the biggest allure of this product is the fact that it's unscented. "Absolutely perfect," one person noted. "There is literally no smell! The lotion itself works great and my dry skin is clearing up."

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However, if you do prefer a scent with your moisturizing routine, you're in luck. Target has three other scented versions of the product (also priced at $2): summertime, rain shower, and meadow.

The fragrance-free version also sounds like a great option for those with sensitive skin. "This is truly unscented, without any weird natural smells. It moisturizes well without being greasy. I have super sensitive skin, and this doesn't irritate my hands at all."

One person even reveals it rivals name-brand lotions. "Target has done it again as far as giving customers a less expensive store option that is comparable to name brands," they write. "I'm a little picky when it comes to body lotion, there are some name brands I don't care for, but this one is good for the price. This is now my go-to lotion."

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Well, if those glowing reviews don't have you convinced, you'll just have to try it for yourself. Although your skin deserves to be moisturized all year long, with the colder months approaching, it's especially important to give it a little extra love.



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