The Smartly soap and cleaning spray are reminiscent of our favorite Anthropologie candle. See why shoppers are loving the product line.

By Hannah Bruneman
Updated February 20, 2019

Frugal customers know the best way to shop is by finding things you love in high-end stores, then running to Target to find an inexpensive lookalike. But the latest Target product line with a huge social media following isn’t so much a lookalike as it is a familiar scent.

Target’s home basics brand Smartly carries several products that smell exactly like the Volcano candle from Capri Blue. The famous fragrance has tropical and sugary notes without smelling too sweet, making it great for cleaning your home's surfaces.

Target’s version of the scent is called Citrus Grove, and it’s available as an all-purpose cleaner and liquid dish soap. Both products are less than $2—a very small price to pay in comparison with Capri Blue’s $30 standard-sized candle.

The candle itself has a cult-like following. We mostly credit the fan base to Anthropologie, at which many locations burn the popular candle. You can also find Capri Blue candles at local boutiques and several other trendy retailers.

Capri Blue sells the Volcano scent in more than just candles, too. You can find Volcano bar soap, body scrub, hand cream, room spray, and more. But, Target is the only location you can find an all-purpose cleaner in a nearly identical scent.

Fans of the scent can’t believe how similar they smell. And to no one’s surprise, Citrus Grove cleaners are hard to find at your local Target. Neither the soap nor all-purpose cleaner is available for purchase online, and only a handful of stores near us had it in stock. One store even sold out in the time it took us to drive to the location!

Keep your eyes peeled for these wildly popular products in stores. In the meantime, try not to burn through your Anthropologie candle too fast!

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February 17, 2019
Mrs Meyers Lemon Verbena is my favourite smell for dish soap.