3 Cute Target Halloween Candy Dishes Reimagined as Planters

The results are stunning, but the candy dishes are selling out fast. Grab yours before they're gone!

We've been eyeing Target's selection of faux Halloween succulents since they were released earlier this fall. Unfortunately, Target doesn't sell any spooky decor that features live plants—but this week on Instagram we spotted the most genius hack while scrolling through posts tagged with the #targethalloween hashtag. Target shoppers are buying Halloween candy dishes and filling them with succulents and air plants, and they're seriously festive.

The ceramic dishes come in four shapes, and according to the online listings, are meant to hold candy. Over the last few weeks, folks on Instagram have been posting photos of their candy dishes filled with succulents instead and it's inspired us to do the same.

To re-create these looks at home, you'll have to act fast because some of the candy dishes are already sold out. There are only two styles listed on Target's website: The 10-Inch Ghost Candy Bowl, $10 and the 10-Inch Pumpkin Candy Bowl, $10 are still in stock.

When we didn't see the smaller size of candy dishes on the Target site, we headed to the nearest store to confirm they were still available in stores—and we found a whole shelf of miniature ghosts, witches, pumpkins, and bats. Plan a Target run this week, head straight for Bullseye's Playground (AKA the dollar spot) to pick up the mini versions. The smaller planters are available in all the same shapes, and measure about 4 inches. While these won't hold very many pieces of the new Halloween candy we've been devouring, they're the perfect size for a small succulent.

We've rounded up a few of our favorite looks to inspire your own Halloween plant displays. And beginner gardeners, don't worry: here's everything you need to know about succulent care.

Bat Succulent Planter

This 4-inch ceramic bat dish is filled with a lesser-known succulent, String of Pearls. This plant is typically an indoor succulent, but can also be placed outdoors in indirect sunlight. Be warned: It's a high-maintenence plant, so beginner gardeners may want to opt for an easy-to-care-for succulent instead.

Ghost Succulent Planter

As much as we love a good fun-size candy bar (especially the new Pumpkin Spice Kit Kats), we have to admit this friendly 4-inch ghost looks much better with a mouth full of vibrant Echeveria. Bonus points if you can find the plants in orange and yellow tones for Halloween—or just mix in a few faux succulents to get the look.

Pumpkin Succulent Planter

Sure, you could make asucculent planters out of a real pumpkin, but this bright ceramic version is a spooky look we haven't seen before. The tiny plastic skeletons mixed in with the succulents create a truly festive look. The 10-inch candy dish is the ideal size for a larger display like this one.

So go ahead and eat all 5 new flavors of Brach's candy corn straight out of the bag and fill your candy dish with succulents instead.

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