Everspring carries household essentials without harmful chemicals. Plus, the recycled packaging is simple, clean, and so pretty.

By Hannah Bruneman
April 22, 2019
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What happens when spring cleaning season and Earth Day (April 22) collide? Everspring—Target’s new household essentials brand. The eco-friendly collection arrives in stores today and boasts major earth-saving features.

Similar to Target’s Smartly line of household essentials, Everspring includes comparable basics with clean packaging and easy-to-read labels. The difference, however, is sustainability.

Image courtesy of Target.

All 70 products in the Everspring collection are listed as “Target Clean," which is is how Target labels products that leave out harsh chemicals such as phthalates and propyl-paraben. Simple logos on the packaging let you know at a glance that products are 97 percent bio-based product, free of animal testing, or biodegradable. Plus, the Everspring bottles are made from at least 50 percent recycled content. The line is affordable, too: Everything in the collection is less than $12. Recycled paper towels start at $1.69 and granite and stone cleaner is just $5.99.

Included in Everspring’s launch are cleaning basics like dish soap, hand soap, all-purpose cleaner, and cleaning wipes. But keep an eye out for more sustainable lifestyle essentials in the future. Target has plans to roll out Everspring candles, essential oils, and more throughout the year. If made with Everspring’s current scents—geranium and herbs or lavender and bergamot—they'll be perfect for that at-home spa day you deserve.


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