A multitude of magical items, including products previously exclusive to Disney retail locations, are going to be available at select Target stores. See if your local store is one of the first 56 to adopt this new collection.

By Jenny Krane
August 28, 2019

So many of us have fond memories of visiting the Disney store when we were kids—where else could you expect to see towers of plush stuffed animals from the latest movie, action figures galore, and every princess costume imaginable? But, most of the time, there was only one in the area or your town didn’t have one at all. Well, get ready to relive the magical experience of the Disney store at your local Target.

Starting this October, Target stores will be introducing Disney “shop-in-shops,” which will be a designated section of the store that’s all Disney. The first 25 locations will open this October, and another 40 will be added by October 2020. If your favorite Target store isn’t one of the first few to get the Disney section, you can check out its digital experience on Target.com that launches October 4.

The Disney store at Target will be a collection of 450 items such as games, costumes, accessories, and toys. A Target representative confirmed that more than 100 of those products were previously exclusive to official Disney retail locations. In addition to classic Disney characters, the collection will feature items from Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel, which are also under the Disney umbrella.

Image courtesy of Target.

The products aren’t all that’s exciting about this new addition to Target stores. According to its press release, Target worked closely with Disney to develop interactive displays for the products with music, photo-ops, and screens showing Disney movie clips. Each display will even include a seating area for families.

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The prices of the new Disney collection items range from $2 to $200, with many items under $20. We look forward to seeing the new Disney line in person, but until it's in stores, we'll be eagerly awaiting the news on which characters and franchises will be featured in the collection.



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