If you're already dreaming of mounds of Thanksgiving stuffing, these almonds will keep cravings at bay until the big meal.

By Rachel Wermager
November 07, 2019
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Everyone has their favorite Thanksgiving side dish. Perhaps your heart belongs to the gorgeous roasted turkey, maybe creamy mashed potatoes smothered in gravy is more your style, or maybe—if you’re like me—you can’t get enough heaping spoonfuls of warm seasoned stuffing (which also tastes great with gravy). Whether you’re a stuffing superfan, or it takes up the smallest portion of your Thanksgiving plate, we can almost guarantee you’ll enjoy snacking on the Stuffing Seasoned Almond Halves from CVS.

Emily VanSchmus

It may sound a little strange for a snack nut. And to be fair, even our staff was a bit wary about how they’d taste, but after trying them we were convinced. Even the stuffing naysayers of the group were pleasantly surprised. 

Somehow Gold Emblem was able to pack all the flavors of stuffing into the perfect blend of seasoning that coats the nuts. One staff member even said they taste just like Stove Top stuffing. While there are many stuffing-flavored snacks out there, we love these almond halves for snacking and how we can add them to other dishes like as a crunchy component in our salads, a flavor kick to our chicken salad sandwiches in place of the almond slices we usually use, crushed up and used as a coating for chicken or other proteins, the options keep on coming. 

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The stuffing-seasoned almonds will be on shelves at your local CVS this November, but stock up on a couple of bags while you can because this snack is only available for a limited time. Set them out as an appetizer while waiting for your Thanksgiving meal, or enjoy stuffing flavors all month while you count down the days to Thanksgiving. 



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