And they only come in cherry and strawberry (aka the best flavors).

By Andrea Beck
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Conversation hearts are going to have extra competition this Valentine’s Day. In addition to their usual Valentine’s Day FaveReds bags (which only have pink and red Starbursts, no yellow or orange), Starburst just released a Valentine’s Day version of their jelly beans, too.

Image courtesy of Starburst

Buy It: Starburst Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Jelly Beans, $3.59

Unlike regular jelly beans, Starburst’s new Valentine’s Day jelly beans come in adorable heart shapes. Plus, the bag only includes pink and red (strawberry and cherry) jelly beans, so you don’t have to sort through and toss out the icky ones anymore. They will start hitting the shelves of most stores this week, so you don’t have to wait until February 14 to try this new heart-shaped candy.

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Of course, if you want to try them NOW, they’re already on sale at Target for $3.59 per bag. Wherever you find them, be sure to stock up when you see them, because limited edition candies aren’t likely to stick around for long after Valentine’s Day.

And if you prefer to save the jelly beans for Easter, be on the lookout for some of the other Valentine’s Day candies that just went on sale. White cheesecake M&Ms are back exclusively at Walmart this year, and Hershey’s just released a gooey new flavor of Kisses, chocolate lava cake. Like the heart-shaped jelly beans, all of these treats are only around for the season of love, so try ‘em all while you can!

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