The pistachio latte is the latest offering from the coffee chain—but it won't be around for long.

By Jennifer Aldrich
January 05, 2021

The post-holiday blues are real for Starbucks drinkers. The red cups are going back to the typical white ones, the holiday beverages are running in low supply, and everyone is eagerly awaiting new items for 2021. Well, we didn't have to wait long; the Seattle-based coffee chain just released a pistachio latte that could be the most popular drink since the beloved pumpkin spice latte. It's a sweet, nutty option that just dropped today in the United States and Canada, and if you're curious, you'll want to try it soon. Just like all seasonal options, this beverage will only be available while supplies last.

Credit: Jennifer Aldrich

Starbucks announced the new coffee drink on Instagram this morning. The beverage is a mix of espresso and steamed milk (like any other latte) that has real pistachio mixed in and then finished with a salted brown butter topping. You can also get it iced or as a coffee or créme Frappuccino.

I found out about this drink yesterday when a member of Leaf Rakers Society, the Starbucks Facebook group, posted a photo of a store teasing the release. The comment section was flooded with people thrilled to try out the new option, which surprised me. In my experience, I only see this sort of enthusiasm around the PSL or a winter drink. Between the animated comments on that post and even more on the Starbucks Instagram, I became eager to try it for myself. I consider pistachios a top-three nut (along with peanuts and cashews), and I love coffee, so I figured it would be pretty tasty.

I ordered a grande pistachio latte this morning without any modifications. Although you can change the milk to be dairy-free, the sauce has dairy in it, so this drink is not vegan-friendly. It's definitely sweet and reminds me of the chestnut praline latte, but with a nutty finish. I'd recommend this drink to anyone who likes their coffee on the sweeter side. (A grande is 320 calories with 45 grams of sugar.) Next time, I think I'll try it iced. (Yes, we're in the middle of winter, but I'm all about my cold brew.)

The coffee company noted the pistachio flavor would only be available for a few weeks, so make sure you try it soon while your local store still has it.


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