The Starbucks Medicine Ball Is the Ideal Feel-Good Drink

This sniffles-fighting drink is on the Starbucks menu as honey citrus mint tea.

Between cold and flu season, COVID-19, and allergies, there are days when we all wake up feeling less than our best. Regardless of whether sniffles and/or a stuffy nose are regular occurrences for you, it's never fun to be a little under the weather in any season. Fortunately, if you're only feeling a little off, there's a simple solution to help yourself feel a tiny bit better beyond popping some throat lozenges or consuming as much comforting soup as your stomach can hold: the Starbucks Medicine Ball drink.

For a little pick-me-up that might actually help you feel better for longer than it takes to finish the drink, you can head to your local Starbucks and order what many call the Medicine Ball drink. The Starbucks Medicine Ball is a favorite beverage of many Starbucks drinkers, including Rachel Weber, former digital editorial director at Better Homes & Gardens. If you haven't had a sip yet, you'll want to as soon as possible.

Starbucks white to go cup in a Starbucks store
Courtesy of Starbucks

Some customers call this drink the Medicine Ball, but others refer to it as the Cold Buster. Whatever you call it, unlike some secret menu items, like the Cinderella latte, this beverage is so popular that many baristas know it by its customer-given names. The Medicine Ball or Cold Buster is actually even on the Starbucks menu as the Honey Citrus Mint Tea, with the right customizations already set to turn the tea into a more restorative concoction.

The Medicine Ball or Cold Buster is made with Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea, Peach Tranquility Herbal Tea, hot water, steamed lemonade, and just a hint of honey. To really jazz it up, some customers also order a pump of peppermint syrup for extra flavor in their sniffles-busting beverage.

So, what can you expect from this mix? Starbucks notes the flavors "mingle tastefully well together for a tea that comforts from the inside out." Weber says it's her go-to drink when she feels under the weather and describes it as a "warm, healing mojito." The minty, fruity flavors taste delicious together, and the warmth of the drink (plus the soothing honey and tea) is a huge mood-booster when you're feeling off.

When a customer creation makes it to the official menu, you know it has to be something special, but you'll never really know unless you try the Medicine Ball or Cold Buster out for yourself. The next time you're feeling a little unwell, try ordering the Starbucks Medicine Ball drink, and hopefully, you'll be feeling much more like yourself in no time.

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