The coffee company didn't release a Valentine's Day drink this year, so fans created their own.

By Jennifer Aldrich
February 11, 2020

Starbucks is well-known for its limited-time-only drinks during different seasons. (For many, the release of pumpkin spice is basically a national holiday.) On Valentine's Day, the coffee chain once featured a cherry mocha, but this year, there was no beverage in honor of February 14. So, to make up for the holiday letdown, fans decided to create their concoction.

The mix goes by a few different names, but in honor of my favorite holiday, we're going to call it the lovers' cold brew that's a mix of coffee, white mocha, strawberry, and raspberry. I first found out about this drink through the (not really) secret Facebook group for the Starbucks obsessed: The Leaf Rakers Society. One member posted about her local store making up a recipe for a fruity, chocolatey mix. Once they added the recipe along with the tantalizing photo, people flooded the feed with their orders.

I was immediately intrigued by this beverage because it involves my everyday order (grande nitro cold brew, please). Plus, I enjoyed the chocolate-covered strawberry Frappuccino, so I was already confident the flavors would be delicious. Just like every drink Starbucks offers, you can modify this one to fit your preferences. However, it is on the secret menu, so you won't be able to order it by name, you'll have to explain it to your barista. After checking out a few different versions, here's what I ordered.

Credit: Katlyn Moncada

Lovers' Cold Brew

  • Grande cold brew
  • Add two pumps of raspberry syrup
  • Add two pumps of white chocolate mocha sauce
  • Add cold foam with strawberry purée mixed in
  • Top with chocolate curls

After $2.10 in modifications plus $.40 in tax, this drank rang up to $6.15, which isn't unreasonable with the multiple add-ons. After I ordered, the employee informed me the chocolate curls are a winter topping, so they're only around while supplies last. Fortunately, the store had some, but if yours doesn't, I recommend finishing the concoction off with a mocha drizzle.

Although just about every person who ordered the beverage on The Leaf Rakers society loved it, our office was a little more mixed in opinion. However, I thought it was tasty, and to my surprise, not overly sweet. The best part of the refreshment was the strawberry-flavored cold foam, and I would recommend asking for extra.

The pink color with the chocolate and strawberry flavors are ideal for Valentine's Day, but you can order this drink any day of the year. (Except for the curls, of course.) But if you're looking for an affordable treat for you or your sweetie on Friday, this option is a delicious pick me up.


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