The drink is available for a limited time only.

By Jennifer Aldrich
December 03, 2019

Going back to reality the week after Thanksgiving can be a bit of a drag, but Starbucks is here to make this time a little bit sweeter. The coffee company just released a brand new drink in honor of the holiday season: the Irish cream cold brew.

The latest beverage begins with a cold brew base (or nitro cold brew, if that's more your style), that's then mixed with Irish cream syrup, and topped with vanilla sweet cream cold foam, and a dash of cocoa powder. One editor who tasted the cold brew says it has subtle hints of cocoa and vanilla but isn't too sweet. The idea behind the beverage is thanks to Erin Marinan, a product developer for Starbucks Research and Development, who would make homemade Irish cream with her family when she was growing up. "It pairs so well with cold brew because of the chocolate flavor in the Irish cream and the cocoa notes from the coffee," Marinan says in a news release. "I think about that customer who’s in the middle of work or shopping, and this will help get them into the holiday spirit for the rest of the day." The cold brew is the first new holiday drink since 2017 when the toasted white chocolate mocha was introduced.

Courtesy of Starbucks

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The drink is available on Tuesday, December 3, for a limited time, though Starbucks does not reveal how long that will be. Temporary drinks can usually be purchased until supplies run out, like for all pumpkin spice concoctions, so that could be the case with this item. If you're interested in trying this cold brew, the best time to order it is this Thursday, or any other Thursday for the rest of the month to take advantage of the Starbucks happy hour discounted drinks. Along with the release of this new drink, Starbucks also announced it is hosting happy hours on every single Thursday from 2 to 7 p.m. in December, which means you could buy two Irish cream cold brews for the price of one.



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