The reusable cups are here just in time for summer, but you may have a tough time finding them. See what the hype is all about!

By Hannah Bruneman
May 07, 2019

People are rushing to their local Starbucks, and no, it’s not for their latest drink release. This time, customers are scrambling to find a pack of color-changing reusable cups, which arrived in stores just in time for refreshing summer drinks.

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Image courtesy of Starbucks.

The reusable cups come in a pack of five and include differently-colored lids and straws. When a cold drink is poured in, the cups change colors. As you drink the contents down, the cup will take on an ombre effect.

Even though Starbucks has yet to release an official announcement, word about the cups traveled fast. Many locations are already sold out! Starbucks fans are sharing their hunt to find the reusable cups on social media—some even going as far to offer a monetary reward for the cups.


We have to admit that the colors are lovely. According to the box, the rose cup turns to coral red, citron to emerald, sky becomes cobalt, apricot turns to tangerine, and arctic blue becomes raspberry. You can swap out the lids and straws to make any color combination you’re feeling that day.

You’ll only be set back $16.95 for a set of five reusable 24-ounce cups, according to Newsweek. And if you are a lucky owner of one, baristas will use it to serve your order in lieu of a disposable cup. You'll even get a small discount for bringing in a personal-use cup! That means you can enjoy a venti-sized drink while knowing you’re helping the environment with every sip.

Unfortunately for hot coffee loyalists, the color-changing cups will only work with iced drinks. But, if you stop in a local Starbucks, you’ll find many reusable cups available for hot drinks, too. They won’t change color, but they’re worth it if it means fewer paper cups a week in the trash.

Congratulations to anyone who has found a set of these colorful cups already! If that's not you, we recommend going on the hunt with four friends and splitting the pack when one lucky person tracks it down. In the meantime, we’ll be eagerly waiting for Starbucks to announce a restocking.



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