These arrangements are bewitchingly beautiful.

By Jennifer Aldrich
September 06, 2019
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A bouquet of flowers is always one of our favorite ways to freshen up our home, and with Halloween nearly here, we’ve found the must-have floral accessory for October 31: A skull vase. This vessel is one of the new variations of skeleton decor, and we think it will instantly transform your basic blooms into a dramatic Halloween floral arrangement

For those who tend to decorate on the scary side, a skull vase will fit right in with the rest of your eerie additions. And for those who prefer pretty over gory, these arrangements are the best of both worlds. The flowers bring the beauty and the skulls add a bit of fright. Really, these vases are for everyone.

We’ve been seeing skull floral arrangements pop up on Instagram recently, and they're nothing short of spooktacular. Here are a few of our favorite looks, plus where to buy your own skull-shaped vase.

Image courtesy of Jamie Beauchamp.

Jamie Beauchamp, the owner of Jaimer’s Floral in Milwaukee, creates colorful displays using a bright mix of blooms. He's added artificial branches and bent them to frame the bouquet and accent the eerie base. 

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Image courtesy of Jamie Beauchamp.

Beauchamp also made a blush-hued arrangement. We love how the pastel petals contrast against the black skull. Although the blush roses and stock flowers are lovely, the king Protea is definitely the most striking bloom in this bunch. 

One especially interesting arrangement is from Zins Flower Shop in Chicago. This designer opted for a flat vessel that looks best from above. If you enjoy dining al fresco in the autumn, this type of arrangement would be a wonderful fall centerpiece. Because the vase lies flat, you won't have to worry about it standing in the way of seeing your guests. (Plus, if you're eating family-style, it won't be knocked over when everyone is passing around the plates).

Another design we're batty about is from Wisteria Floral Design in Ontario, Canada. They created not one, but two eye-catching presentations using autumnal hued plants. The seemingly relaxed skulls that feature skeleton hands as a stand is a nice touch. These two will go along perfectly with the rest of your Halloween decor.

Magpie Blossoms Boutique in Bee Cave, Texas, used a similar skeleton to hold its hauntingly beautiful blooms. This option is a perfect example of how to balance spooky and sophisticated. The presentation gives us serious fall wedding vibes.

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Now, if you’re wondering where you can buy your own skull vase, we've found several spellbinding items. Amazon has a few options, including a bronze vase (Skeleton Head Gardening Planter, $25.99) that’s made of "durable composite resin in bronze patina" and is hand-painted and polished. The site also offers a set of two white ceramic skulls (Modern Skull Planter Pots, $9.99); the tiny 2-inch planters are great for smaller arrangements or even singular stems.  Target is also selling a bronze Terracotta Skull-Shaped Vase for $29.99.  

Of course, these pots can definitely be used to show off much more than flowers. You could also use the skull to feature the trendiest plant of the season, the black succulent



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