Sour Patch's conversation hearts have all new sayings on them!

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The most iconic Valentine's Day candy has to be conversation hearts, and there’s a new version on the market. Sour Patch Kids has released their own take on the classic candy. They've combined their classic sour-then-sweet flavors with a bunch of fresh new messages for a heart-shaped candy we can't stop eating! Forget flowers, we want a bag of these for Valentine's Day.

A bag of Sour Patch conversation hearts
Image courtesy of Frankford Candy

Instagram user @candyhunting compares the consistency to crunchy SweeTarts, rather the traditional gummy Sour Patch Kids. The new hearts feature phrases similar to those found on the original Necco hearts, but Sour Patch’s version also includes phrases like ‘BAE,’ ‘OVR IT,’ and ‘YAS,’ so Valentine's Day lovers and haters alike can appreciate the candy.

If you prefer to stick with the classic gummy candy Sour Patch Kids is known for, they also make pink and red gummy hearts with the traditional sour-then-sweet sugar coating.

sour patch hearts gummy candy for Valentine's Day
Image courtesy of Target

Whichever hearts you choose to give your sweetie this Valentine’s Day, we recommend getting a package for yourself because they look seriously delicious. If you're giving them as a gift, don't forget to add a sweet Valentine's Day card!


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