Not only will these tips make traditional s'mores even easier, they'll also allow you to savor them year-round—no campfire necessary!

By Andrea Beck
Updated July 29, 2020
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If you ask us, summer doesn’t officially start until you take the first bite of a gooey, chocolatey s’more. While this campfire classic doesn’t need much help, we’re always open to easy ways to make them even better. These seven hacks will show you how to make the cooking process around the campfire easier, ways to dress up traditional s’mores for adventurous eaters, and tricks that will help you enjoy s’mores all year, even when the weather isn’t cooperating. Stock up on chocolate, graham crackers, and grab an extra bag of marshmallows, because s’more season starts right now.

1. Make Them Mini

Say goodbye to sticky s'more fingers, because you can finish off these tiny treats in just one bite. Just use mini marshmallows and graham cracker squares instead of the full-size versions. You can also toast the marshmallows in your broiler, so no need to gather wood for a fire. Plus, dipping your mini s'mores in chocolate instead of stacking them with a chocolate square helps hold your dessert together better than regular-size s'mores (and you can decorate them with sprinkles!).

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2. Use Extendable Roasting Sticks

When everyone crowds around the fire to start roasting their marshmallows, it’s easy to end up too far from the flames. These campfire roasting sticks ($11, Target) extend 30 inches to help you maneuver your marshmallow into exactly the right spot without having to get too close to the fire. When you’re done, each stick retracts to make storing them for the next bonfire much easier.

3. Try Nutella

Instead of chocolate, smear Nutella (or any other chocolate-hazelnut spread) onto your graham crackers before sandwiching a toasted marshmallow in the middle. This hack is especially helpful if your s’mores creations are always falling apart, or if you’re making s’mores with little ones who might have trouble holding a stack together while they eat. Unlike a square of chocolate, there’s no chance of your Nutella slipping out.

Andy Lyons

4. Make S'mores Bars

S’mores for a crowd can take a while, especially if you’ve got a limited number of roasting sticks. To make them more shareable, bake up a pan of chilly s’mores bars loaded with fudge, ice cream, and crushed graham crackers. They’d be the perfect way to cool off at your backyard barbecue.

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5. Use a Kitchen Torch or Broiler

Though s’mores are usually a summer treat, our cravings don’t always line up perfectly with the weather. On a rainy (or snowy) day, use a kitchen torch ($15, Amazon) or your oven’s broiler to toast up the marshmallows without a fire. A torch will give you more control over browning each marshmallow and is easy to use for a small batch, while a broiler will let you toast a whole pan at once.

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6. Use an Electric S'more Maker

For serious s’more lovers, campfire season will never be long enough. Luckily, this s’more cooker set lets you bring the “fire” indoors. It's equipped with a flameless heater for roasting marshmallows, and also includes storage compartments for your graham crackers and chocolate. We see a mid-winter s’mores session in your future!

7. Take Them on the Go

S’mores are known for being messy, which is one of the reasons they're meant to be eaten outdoors. But to make them more portable, mix together s’mores milkshakes instead. Blend toasted marshmallows with rocky road ice cream. Serve this dessert in a Mason jar so it’s easier to enjoy while you mix and mingle at a summer party.

Now that you've got your s'mores game plan down, make toting graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate to the campfire easier with a handy s'mores caddy ($21, Amazon). The box comes with separate compartments for all your supplies, right down to the roasting sticks. It's an easy way to see if you have everything you need before you head out, especially if you're planning to camp.


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