5 of Our Favorite Instagram #ChalkTheWalk Art Creations

These detailed drawings are brightening neighborhoods in a time of social distancing.

Over the last few weeks we've been admiring all the inspirational messages chalked on sidewalks meant to encourage people who are practicing social distancing. But uplifting quotes and inspirational words aren't the only sidewalk art being left for neighbors to admire: Brightly colored chalk drawings are all over our neighborhood sidewalks (and our Instagram feeds), and the photos are pretty incredible. There are over 22,000 photos of detailed and intricate drawings under #sidewalkchalkart on Instagram, and another 145,000 with #sidewalkart. To decorate your own community, grab some chalk (such as this Crayola 48-Count Sidewalk Chalk, $5, Target) and start creating. These are a few of our favorite chalked drawings to inspire your own sidewalk and driveway art.

If we didn't know better, we'd think this was a scene straight out of Disney's Tangled. When Julie of @SonShineAdventures found this impressive design at EPCOT park in Orlando, Florida, she jumped at the chance to pose like Rapunzel. This intricate art piece was created by artist Nate Baranowski, who chalked this impressive design before the park closed its doors due to the pandemic.

Artist Becky Spradling has been spending her time social distancing brightening the neighborhood with insanely gorgeous chalk flowers and landscapes in an impressionist style that has us reminiscent of Monet's flower paintings. She created this work of art with street pastels (such as Street Sticks, $19.95, Dick Blick), rather than traditional chalk and the results are jaw-dropping.

This simple geometric technique is one of our favorite chalk designs because you don't have to be a professional artist to create the look at home. (It's so easy, even the kids can do it!) Use masking tape or painters tape to block out a design of triangles, rectangles, and other shapes; color each one a solid shade. When you remove the tape, you'll be left with an intricate design that replicates a geometric stained glass design.

This unexpected chalk art made us look twice. Artist Fania Pena chalked this design on her driveway in Orlando, Florida; and like her caption points out, if this were real it would be just another reason to stay inside.

This vibrant nature scene is chalked by @artistrodman outside a local art store in Tempe, Arizona, which feels fitting for a time when we're focusing on supporting small and local businesses. This drawing was created with street chalk (such as Soho Street Pastels, $5.99, Jerry's Artarama), which is more saturated and longer-lasting than the children's sidewalk chalk that's hiding out in your garage.

If these creative works of art have inspired you to do your own #chalkthewalk drawings, grab a bucket of chalk and start sketching.

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