This Self-Watering Raised Planter Will Make Gardening Easier Than Ever

Say goodbye to worrying about watering your plants once and for all. Plus, your back will thank you for less bending over.

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Raise your hand if you've ever been so excited to add some new plants to your garden, and then you completely forget about watering them for a few days. That moment when you suddenly remember your withering plants doesn't feel so great, does it? Well, technology has caught up with our summer plans at last. Thanks to genius gardening products like self-watering containers, you can control the amount of water your plants receive so that you never over- or under-water again. While you could make a DIY self-watering planter, there are plenty of ready-made ones that will save you time. One of the best options you can buy is the affordably priced Keter elevated self-watering plastic planter.

keter resin elevated garden bed
Courtesy of Walmart

Buy It: Keter Resin Elevated Self-Watering Plastic Planter ($151, Walmart)

Made from durable polypropylene resin, this raised planter has a classic rattan pattern that coordinates well with most styles of outdoor patio furniture. It comes in either dark brown and dark gray (though the brown option is sold out at Walmart, you also can find this planter in both colors on Amazon for $135). However, it's the parts you don't see that really make this planter a must-have. At the bottom of the planting basin is a watering system and reservoir, designed to prevent root decay and overwatering while also delivering just the right amount of moisture to your plants.

All you need to do is check the built-in water indicator. When you see red on the indicator, you need to drain excess water, and when you see green, you're in the clear to water again. The planter is leak-proof, thanks to a handy drainage spout with a plug, which holds in excess water until you are ready to empty it. Because of this feature, you could use the planter indoors as well as outside wherever you don't want dampness to collect, such as on a wooden deck.

close up of raised garden bed
Courtesy of Amazon

Not only will this self-watering planter keep your plants perfectly hydrated, but its raised garden bed (it stands about 30 inches tall) also eliminates the need to bend over or crouch, reducing strain on your back and knees while gardening. With a 31.7-gallon growing space, the container is large enough to plant several vegetables, herbs, or flowers together, but still small enough in size that it can fit on a balcony or porch. It only takes a few minutes to assemble with a screwdriver, and comes ready to fill with potting soil (you don't need a liner).

Whether you're looking for a solution to gardening in a small space or weed-prone areas, this all-weather resin planter is super functional and will seamlessly blend into any other outdoor decor. If you've been looking for a new way to plant your favorite flowers or produce for summer, you've just found your new, go-to planter.

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