Green thumb, here you come. Say goodbye to worrying about watering your plants once and for all!

By Madison Alcedo
June 18, 2019

Raise your hand if you've ever gone on a summer vacation and forgot to ask the neighbor to water your plants. That moment when you arrive home and spot withering plants doesn't feel so great, does it? Well, technology has caught up with our summer plans at last. Thanks to genius gardening products like self-watering containers, you can control the amount of water your plants receive so that you never over- or under-water again (and don't have to bother your neighbors to water your container gardens).

Image courtesy of Walmart.

While you could make a DIY self-watering planter, there are plenty available to buy at home and garden stores that will save you time. One of the best self-watering planters we’ve found is this affordable option at Walmart, which has a built-in draining basin and water indicator. When you see red on the indicator, it’s time to drain, and when you see green, you’re in the clear to water again. At the bottom of the basin is a full watering system, which holds the water supply in a small reservoir in order to prevent root decay and overwatering. And with the handy drainage plug on one end of the garden bed, you can manually remove excess water from the reservoir if needed.

Image courtesy of Walmart.
Carson Downing

Not only will this self-watering planter keep your plants healthy longer, but its raised garden bed also eliminates the need to bend over or crouch, reducing strain on your back and knees while gardening. And at 29.8 inches tall with a 31.7-gallon capacity, the planter is large enough to grow vegetables, herbs, or flowers, but it’s small enough in size if you’re limited on space with a balcony or porch.

Whether you’re looking for a solution to gardening in a small space or weed-prone areas, this all-weather resin planter is super functional and will seamlessly blend into any other outdoor decor. While it’s currently on sale at Walmart for $83 (originally $130), this deal won’t be available for long.

If you’ve been looking for a new way to plant your favorite flowers or produce for summer, we’ve found our new, go-to planter.


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