Scrub Daddy's Halloween Sponges Will Get You Feeling Spooky

These limited edition sponges make cleaning a total treat.

Washing your dishes just got a little creepier—and a whole lot cuter. In honor of the spookiest season of the year approaching, Scrub Daddy has released a set of Halloween-themed sponges for a limited time so you can feel festive while doing everyday chores.

Expanding on its iconic smiling sponge, this Halloween-themed set comes with three thrilling designs: a green Frankenstein, a white ghost, and an orange pumpkin. (The sponges aren't available for individual sale, so you'll have to buy the full set to enjoy them.) It rings up at $14.99 on Amazon, and all sponges have Scrub Daddy's signature smile. The Halloween shapes are designed to fit comfortably in your hand for an easy, convenient hold, even when you're dealing with greasy, slippery messes (Halloween-related or otherwise).

Scrub Daddy 3ct Halloween sponges
Courtesy of Scrub Daddy

For those unfamiliar with the brand that has (rightfully) dubbed itself "America's Favorite Sponge," Scrub Daddy made its debut as a contestant on Shark Tank in 2012. After getting the recognition of inventor Lori Greiner, the company was brought to major retailers and has been a national favorite ever since. The standard Scrub Daddy is a porous, colorful sponge with a smiling face cut into it, and the basic line (which includes the original Scrub Daddy) features sponges in a range of colors. Since its launch, the company has added a variety of household products spanning a grill brush, microfiber cloths, a scrubbing eraser, Power Paste cleanser, and more. You can even get yourself merchandise, such as a pool float, coffee mug, and even a sticker book.

This isn't the first time Scrub Daddy has released a collection of themed sponges. You can stock up on other special editions and seasonal shapes now, including a Christmas in July collection, cat and dog shapes, and even a Spongebob collab. Scrub Mommy, another extension that comes in pink, has an absorbent foam side along with the original sponge side. If you like to have multiple sponges for different uses, you can keep them organized with the color pack option, and there's a lemon-fresh version for those who prefer scented cleaning products.

Set of Sponge Daddy Halloween sponges with pumpkins and flowers
Courtesy of Scrub Daddy

In addition to the fun motifs and playful tributes, Scrub Daddy sponges boast a huge range of uses beyond just dishwashing: You can scrub down more than 25 different surfaces, from your windows to leather car seats, without worrying about scratching. The Scrub Daddy flex-texture polymer foam makes it firm when rinsed in cold water for tough scrubbing and soft in warm water for a lighter clean. They're also odor resistant for up to eight weeks and stain proof. To disinfect your sponge (which you should do once a week), try washing it with vinegar, bleach, or boiling water. You can toss it in your dishwasher as well.

Scrub Daddy's Halloween sponges are available up until Halloween, though it's safe to assume that supply won't last long. Stock up on these spooky smiles now to kickstart the season and get your Halloween fix until it's time to plan your costume and set out the candy.

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