And what they really think about artificial trees.

By Drew and Jonathan Scott
October 08, 2019

It might only be October, but it's never too early to start gearing up for the holidays. As soon as Halloween is over, we're already playing Christmas music and even hosting holiday karaoke nights. However, not everything about the most wonderful time of the year is so amazing. Here are a few holiday items you should ditch this December—along with what to opt for instead to make your home feel perfectly festive.

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1. Rethink the Real Deal

We're all about artificial trees in the Scott households. A real tree is messy thanks to the needles that constantly fall off. Plus, it's not necessarily great for the environment to cut down a ton of trees, only to toss them out a month later. However, you can use a fake tree year after year; it remembers its shape and it's much easier to install than a real one. We've created a line of beautiful trees with amazing technological advancements, including color-changing LED lights that will stay on even if one bulb flickers out. Each tree comes with a 116-function remote that allows you to adjust the brightness and time settings.

Credit: Courtesy of Kohl's

2. Elegance Isn't Everything

There's nothing wrong with the classics when it comes to decorating for the holidays. But, sometimes, people go a little bit too upscale and minimalistic. They're missing that whimsical feeling we all associate with Christmastime. When we decorate our homes, we want it to feel festive. We like traditional colors—all the reds and greens—and some of the typical decor items, including nutcrackers, garland, and lots of lights. But there’s definitely a tasteful way to have the holiday look that you want without it feeling too cheesy or campy, and you can easily do this with items from our new holiday collection with Kohl's. A few favorite decorations we're adding to our own displays this year are the illuminated Christmas tree, a botanical wreath, and Noel table decor.

Credit: David A. Land

3. Don't Get Carried Away

Traditional decorations are definitely our style, but it can be easy to go overboard. If you're entertaining for the holidays, you want to create an environment that's fun, festive, and represents your personality without being over the top. We have a friend who is particularly fond of garland, but she'd always add way too much. She would hang it across the back of the sofa, around all the chairs, and across the island. So everywhere you went, you'd prick yourself on the evergreen needles. We told her to tone it down a little, and not only did it look wonderful, but it also let everyone walk around without hurting themselves. Make sure to dress up your space for the visual appeal but also keep comfort in mind for you and your guests.

There's no need to over complicate your holiday display this year. As long as you're decorating with festive pieces, but still keeping it classy and tasteful, you can't go wrong.

As told to Jennifer Aldrich.

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October 19, 2019
This isn't so much a story about decorating but more of an ad for their Kohl's collection.