The new rule goes into effect very soon.

As cases for COVID-19 continue to rise around the country, some businesses and even entire cities are implementing face mask mandates. Now, Sam's Club and Walmart are part of a growing list of corporations that are going to require customers to wear face coverings in all of their stores across the country.

In a news release posted today, the companies' two chief operating officers announced that face masks would be required in all Walmart and Sam's Club locations beginning on Monday, July 20. The release explains that about 65% of the stores are already in areas where there is a government mandate on face coverings, and this new rule will "bring consistency across stores and clubs."

Sam's Club worker grocery shopping with face mask on
Credit: Courtesy of Sam's Club

To help shoppers adjust to the requirement, both corporations will be changing a few things. At both Walmart and Sam's Club locations, there will be clear signs posted at the front of all stores that indicate the requirement of face masks. Walmart has added a new role called the Health Ambassador, which is someone who will be stationed at the entrance of each store. Their job is to remind shoppers coming in that coverings are required and to work with those who come in without a mask. At Sam's Club, there will also be employees at the front of stores ensuring anyone walking in is wearing a mask. Sam's Club locations will offer complimentary masks to guests without one and masks will also be available for purchase.

Just yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published more evidence on the effectiveness of face masks preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus. Even if you're heading to a store or a place that doesn't require one, wearing a facial covering is the best thing you can do to keep yourself and others safe.

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Better Homes & Gardens Member
July 16, 2020
Well I guess it is time to cancel my membership at Sam's!